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Strange issue with lights

17 January 2020 - 03:57 PM

Hi to everybody,


my GT-R was hungry yesterday, so we went to Germany to eat some Porsche's, Audi's etc.  :wink:

It was my first trip with about 750km at the nighttime with GT-R. I must say - one day and about 1500km are very easy with GTR. 

While driving on the highway, something strange happened to me. 

For about 1 second headlights went out and the wiper went on. It happened twice one evening. Regardless of speed. I thought it was a speed camera, it looked lika a flash. 

Today I checked the card from the camera and found out, lights went out for about a second. 


Has anyone had the same symptom? I think, this is not a problem when driving slowly. However, I would not like to have such a case while driving so fast as in the last foto.


Here is the sequence from camera:






Hello from Poland

24 September 2019 - 10:58 AM

Hi Everybody!


Greetings from new owner from Poland! My dream came true.  :bounce:

After years with Toyota MR2 SW20, last two years with 370Z, my GTR arrived two weeks ago.


2019, Gun Metalic, Prestige Version from Germany. At this moment 4000km - unbelievably much fun.


Hope to stay here for a longer time.  :shiftdrive:


I can't believe it, so I look several times into garage to check - is it true?  :wink: