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In Topic: Do 2020 and 2021s still have bellhousing rattle?

20 November 2020 - 12:37 PM

The full lock grinding noise is normal on AWD cars.

I'm not sure this is always just normal. mine did this a little tiny bit when I got it.... used 8k miles on a dba trans.

over next 1500 miles it got worse and worse to the point it made noise even with small amt of steering wheel turn.

all along it was the trans... oil pump gear was walking off into 1st gear... chewed each other up and all other gears got worn from all the debris. Minor circlip failure like this can ruin the guts of your trans over time.

8 get it know what yur saying about the steering lock to lock --- most cars will make at least some excess noise at full lock.... so differentiating the sound could fool you into dismissing a real problem coming down the pike. Not trying to scare anyone but just sharing my experience with it. Seller told me it was all good and normal and Regal Nissan in GA had just given it a clean bill of health!

1500miles later Shep diagnosed the issue by watching a single video and listening to the noise. Once cracked open, he was spot on with the issue.

Do this to differentiate.... stand outside the vehicle at the back and put your ears to one of the rear wheel wells... and have someone else turn it lock-to-lock.

If ANY squealing/grinding is heard from the rear of vehicle... its your trans. Not a normal labored power steering noise which should eminate from front of vehicle.

For what its worth the noise I heard ALWAYS sounded like coming from front of vehicle while in drivers seat.

Soon as I got out to rear wheel well and had someone else turn the wheel it was completely obviously coming from the trans which for anyone who might not know is in the mid-rear of car connected directly to rear diff and runs a drive shift forward to front of veh.

In Topic: Recently sold my c6z06 looking at gtr, looking for feedback

06 November 2020 - 08:21 PM

buying built can be hit and miss.. how many miles on build, who did it, who did trans, specifically what all is done, some picky folks might even want to know the numbering sequence printed on the block for the block are they consistent 1, 2's etc, not mixed 3's, who even knows people get crazy picky and once in a while for good reason!!

FYI building right now could get delays my pistons and coating just took 30 days was supposed to be 9-10. :(

Sure the big shops may $till have access and whatnot although a know some big trans guys said there were delays at a few vendors last month on parts and delivery.

It can all be fluff for all I know lol but who cares not rushing it end of season anyways so just waiting patiently to get it built so hopefully its good to go early next spring! :)

In Topic: 2020 GTR Nismo up close comparison to my 2016

04 November 2020 - 09:39 AM

yah yah was just messin... Big fat IF so big its just a pipe dream got a nice poster out of it though!

Wouldnt surprise me at all if it was rigged in a world were even McD's can blow it out.... FYI believe I was an employee at the time at our local RonnyMcDonnies when that game took place.

But who doesn't cheat these days, lots of good key role models to choose from cough Astros, Patriots, LIBOR, Martha Stewart, gerrymandering, Clintons, Bushes, um shall I continue?😱😱😱

In Topic: 2020 GTR Nismo up close comparison to my 2016

03 November 2020 - 07:27 PM

lol if my TunerCult entries work out as planned I will be getting a phone call real soon to congratulate me as the owner and winner of a new white 2020 GTR Nismo + $60 big ones!!

so theoretically speaking, yes there are other 2020 Nismo owners here! Will let you know all about it once i get the car.


In Topic: Recently sold my c6z06 looking at gtr, looking for feedback

28 October 2020 - 08:04 PM

Why not just do E85? Wont that give you a nice boost? It did on my Z. It definitely weakened the car up.

lol "weakened" or wakened the car did you say? 😉

Hope not a Freudian slip there... don't go bending any rods now pushing excess pavement!