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FOUND / R35 mid-engine undershroud

08 October 2020 - 06:20 PM

Seeking R35 Mid-Engine Undershroud for '08-13 model yrs.

Part #75890-JF00A - 08-13

Email: rserragl at gmail dot com

Price: PM me asking price? Depends on condition of item but like-new unscathed I will pay $220. Happy to negotiate less for one with signs of wear?

Location & Shipping: Chagrin Falls, OH 44023.

Help with high pitch whining noise....

29 July 2020 - 05:28 AM

Ok so not sure what this noise is from...

09 Alpha 9 GTR with a '12 DBA transmission swap. Pretty sure its stock internals and tranny.

Car runs and drives flawlessly. From receipts I got with the car TSM did most or all of the tuning work so tend to trust the mod work itself and car pulls like a beast.

BUT.... she whines strangely when tooling around parking lots slowly --- ONLY when turning the car left/right. Sounds darn right like tha car has a supercharger lol.

As soon as straightening out again the whining curtails and it's back to normal.

Had the car since last year... started late last year whined very very slightly turning in parking lots, occasionally.

If the wheel is turned, and put the car in park, the whining may or may not continue (at a lesser noise level). Hit and miss.

Soon as wheel is straightened and drive a few feet the whine always stops.

Curious if any thoughts or similar issues -- do you all think start with power steering -- or transmission issues?

Far as I see car both turns perfectly (no issue with power steering effort, etc. But it also shifts flawlessly, no tranny performance issues are apparent).

So at the moment it's a noisy nuisance getting out the driveway but that's about it.

Is something worse brewing is my real concern?

Street Outlaws - Drag GTR - $100k Shootout

20 January 2020 - 12:39 PM

Anyone seen or know more about the GTR from Connecticut that showed up on Street Outlaws last weekish -- in JJ's $100k shootout? Noticed it while they were premiering the teams and cars. Think the guys name was Matt something but sont quote me. It looked almost tan/carbon fiber two-tone wrap maybe? Didnt get to see a ton of it. Def bad drags all four corners and said "baddest street GTR in the nation?" or something along those lines.q Always like to see the GTR's out there lol or any Jap cars on Street Outlaws. That show is a joy for me for some reason always has been since I started watching "Pinks" some years ago. To date, I've counted ONLY 2 legit Jap cars with legit Jap engines to air on the show. Way back Don and Russ (they worked on my MKIII 2JZ!!!) from Accelerated Performance out here in Toledo, OH had their 1000whp Supra on the show early on... busted the tranny straight off the line and lost straight up I was so bummed thought they'd win it all and wipe the floor. There was also a bad DSM on at same time and did win some races!! Drags on all four corners. Recently (last couple years) there was a green and black GTR I think it was JJ's Arm-Drop at the sketchy air strip where the right lane effed anyone who was in it... cant recall that GTR def made out the first round but I dont think out the 2nd round. Now this 100k shootout features three jap cars which is cool. However two are swapped american big block engines... 280Z and a RX7 FC. Last remaining ALL jap legit car is of course THE one and only GTR R35 in all its glory. Godzilla the most steerable car in the pack guaranteed... amongst insanely fast big tire drag cars that call themselves street outlaws but let's face it these cars ceased to be legally or reliably steetable long ago. Granted this GTR is also pure drag insanity, I do love to see it trying and being one of very few that can! Please if you already know dont spoiler it for me, I like to watch and see how the GTR does! I always assume it will lose early on because Gosh forbid Godzilla should put a whoop on these American muscle drag classics that make as much as 2500-3500hp lol! ;) GotZilla? '09 Alpha9 - XONA Greens

Barrett Jackson GTR

20 January 2020 - 12:20 PM

https://www.barrett-...OM-COUPE-238403 '15 Black Edition sold at Barret yesterday 30k miles... $68,200 with built tranny work and axles and alleged built 3.8. Add 10% for buyer's commission and real end sale price is $75ish. Pretty decent price considering you're at an auction and really might not know what all you're getting -- no test drive etc. Paint looked clean but so hard to tell in pics and vids. GotZilla? '09 Alpha9 - XONA Greens

Winter storage - what's best?

26 November 2019 - 02:07 PM

So here goes, couldnt exactly find a central set of opinions on topic. Just got a GTR and live up north in the snow belt of Ohio. We used to get ALOT more snow. But still get enough these days to trash roads with salt, making it highly undesirable to drive a pricey ride in the winters December thru April. My car is stored, under a cover, in an insulated garage, not heated, so maybe it stays 35-40 degrees when its 20 outside. My question for everyone... when you store for the winter, do you go out and start it regularly and let it get warmed up, say once a week or maybe at least once a month? Maybe even move it in/out the garage so it's not sitting in the same spot on tires for 4 straight months? How long is too long to let it sit? I'm inclined to let all winter it sit to avoid: - starting it and getting soot all over the rear end, only to cover it back up dirty. - starting it and letting it run, I prolly have to back out the garage -- so added risk of damage while moving it, wear/tear of clutch parking lot style driving, reverse etc. So is it bad mojo to let 'er sit too long? I do top the battery off once a week. ;) GotZilla? '09 Alpha9 - XONA Greens