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First GTR and 300km road trip tips

30 September 2020 - 01:31 PM

Hi All,

So the time is finally here that I'll be picking up my 2017 gtr from the south of Germany next week Friday. As corona has ruined our initial travel plans the gf and I will now be picking up the car and driving from the south of Germany down to around Naples in Italy and then back up to the north of Germany, which ends up being around 3000km.

So as this is my first GTR, first car with over 300hp I was wondering if there's anything specific I should look out on such a road trip.

Especially if there's any querks to the cruise control or practicality with it.

Thanks heaps,

2017 in Germany Checking in :D

13 August 2020 - 03:41 AM

Hi All, 


I just took the plunge and bought a 2017 Prestige edition GTR here in Germany from a Nissian HPC. 

I'm originally from Australia where the Jap car scene is quite a bit more beloved than here in Germany, so am looking forward to bring a touch of home to my new home in the form of my dream car, it also doesn't hurt that they're cheaper here either ;).


I should be picking it up sometime in September though as the bell housing needs to be replaced, and they just found out the fly wheel was looking bad, so they're gonna replace that at the same time also but dont know when the part will be arriving. They also mentioned that they replaced the ECU (not a re-tune but a replacement apparently), so until then i'll be riding a bicycle, which i suppose will make the GTR feel like gliding on a cloud when it finally comes. 


The car drove great in the test drive and the exterior is prettymuch immaculate for being black and having 47k (Km's).

I have a couple questions though: 


  • Given that the Bell housing, Flywheel, and ECU have been replaced, is there anything else i should look out for?
  • Does anyone know if theres a GTR community in northen Germany?