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Build engine for 800 WHP daily drive 2017

24 February 2021 - 03:49 AM

Hello there
I have my FBO GTR 2017 with 16000 miles
And I as mention before at other topic thats I am gona upgrade my stock turbo to bl750

when I was reading and doing many research regarding to how reliable and the engine , I feel little bit scary reading to the risk for the engine failure when its above 650whp

So I decide to build the shot block at minimum parts as I need to rebuild the engine

Thats whats is the car mode right now ;
Injectors 1050
Medpipe and catback
Blov tail
Thermostat 160

The setup thats I am gona do now are ;
Bl inlet
Dw300c pump
FIC 1650 injectors
Flex fuel viscont
Bl oil catch can
Ams street intercooler
BL 3 port boost controller

Engine build will be :

Pistons and rods Manley
Main and head studs
Crank balancing

The car will be use for street racing and rolling race not for drag or track
And I hope with thats mode ,the car can made
700whp at pump gas 93
800whp at e85

The gear will be totally stock

What do you think guys regarding to the setup mention above , I just wana the car be dependable all the time with zero issue

I need your opening if I need to add anything more or any comment

Thanks a lot in advance

Xnoa Green vs BL750x

24 December 2020 - 10:57 AM

Hi there
I knew my question is very common
But I would love to get any update regarding to my inquiry

My car setup is FBO (intake, down-pipe ,injectors 1050, catback ,tuned by ecuteck)

I am welling you upgrade my turbo

I am caring much about how fast the spool on stock turbo

What do you suggest guys between the brand mention at topic title ?

And how reliable are they ?

I wana stay on totally stock engine and totally stock transmission

And regarding to flex fuel and pump gas

Any brand suggested ?

I will happy if I stay between 700whp and 750whp

Thanks a lot for your advice in advance


CC and TC for FBO GTR 2017

09 November 2020 - 10:30 AM

Hi guys
I just retuned my GTR 2017 with setup mention below :
Down pipe
Injecter 1050D
Blov tail

I did an online tuning and I was explain to tuner about the problem thats I am facing it before regarding to idel of the car

when the car is slow down and the gear start shifting down from second gear to first gear ,, the rpm fall down to 500 rpm , then no responses from throttle like for 5 second even if push the accelerator, after that the Rpm getting back normal and the throttle response is fine when gear back to first shift

The tuner ask me to put CC, and TP at :
And still the problem I face it

I went to many threads here regarding to CC and Tp, I didnt see any one adjust like mine 😂

Can advice me guys regarding to best daily drive and safe for CC and TP adjustment .

I am using pump gas 93 octane

Thanks a lot

Built engine or upgrade to turbo

12 October 2020 - 04:26 AM

Hi guys

I have 2017 GTR with low millage and full bolts on ( intake downpipe midpipe injectet and catback )

I had plan before to upgrade my turbo and intercooler

But I read a lot of bad stories about the failures in Pistons and connect rod event with good tuning

So I am comparing now with cost of upgrade the turbo and intercooler or

Built the engine with just pistons and connect rods and stay with stock turbo

Shall I go with first choice with turbo upgrade or I go with built engine

I am not doing drag and I just used my car on weekend to hang out

If I go with upgrade turbo and intercooler will be safe and reliable for long term

Or I should built the engine with stock turbo

By the way I went to many garage and every body said different suggestions

I wana dont wana get confuse with the garages openions

Thanks a lot for sharing me your idea regarding to it

Tuning or mechanical issue gtr35 2017

06 September 2020 - 10:24 AM

Hi guys

I just bought a used gtr 2017 with low millage 22000 klm

I notice when the gear shift down till 1st or second gear

The rpm is going down till 500 rpm

Then there is no response for acceleration paddle for like 5 seconds more or less ,Then the throttle response after the rpm going up again to 920 rpm

The car had FBO with ecuteck

And I guess the A/C showdown by its self and back again when the rpm back Normally

Also I hear rattles noise when the rpm is below 900

Is it tuning issue or mechanical issue

Correct me if I am wrong , but its seem the problem with ideal !!

I would like to hear from your guys any experience regarding to mention above problem

Thanks a lot