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Alternative to ReverseLogic Jack Pads?

Today, 01:01 AM

Reverselogic has been sold out of their jack pads for a while, does anyone have any recommendations for an alternative?


Or will it be pieces of wood block...

Transmission Dead? Dealer Vague, symptoms Weird, No Codes?

12 November 2020 - 04:14 PM

Hey All,


I recently purchased a new to me 2015 GTR and after <3weeks my tranny is acting up. It sure feels electrical & temperature related but I know these GR6's are finicky.


I took it to the dealer for in-depth evaluation and they were able to replicate my failure, but noted no codes are storing and the recommendation is full on replacement.


The symptoms were as follows:

  • Monday morning easy ~15mi drive on HWY in Auto, cruising easy and exit off-ramp down to normal speeds, press throttle to merge into traffic and no response. Try to manually downshift with paddles to get some power and no response. I think the car downshifted into 2nd and gave a lurch but I dont remember exactly because i was worried about getting hit form behind going so slow while merging. Car got into neutral (I think?) and luckily there was a service station right there that I coasted into <5mph
  • Turned car off and on, but got the T/M Check lockout. Would not start. Tried a few times with no luck. Waited ~30mins to cool off but still no start. I UBER to my meeting and come back 4hrs later, car starts up and runs fine.
  • Same ~15mi trip home. Car does same exact thing pulling into my garage.
  • Prior to this, all shifting is fine and crisp.
  • First cold weather of the year here in CA so it could be related. Knowing it feels electrical, springing for a tranny R&R without substantiation seems a big risk.

Looking for Advice!



How many amps is the OEM USB outlet?

05 November 2020 - 10:22 PM

It seems like when I’m running Waze, playing music and everything else my phone will not charge faster than it uses battery. I’m thinking about hardwiring to a different power source to charge faster, but then of course I would need to swap cable to connect USB music.


Does anyone know how many amps that armrest outlet is or am I just imagining this or is it low power?

Best Place for OEM Fluids

01 November 2020 - 11:48 PM

Most of the older threads have outdated links or prices...anyone have recs for tranny/diff fluid packages?

Does COBB AP Offer any OTS for Speed Density?

01 November 2020 - 11:45 PM

Just as the title asks, Does COBB AP Offer any OTS for Speed Density?