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09 GTR Owner in need of HELP/Advice

16 February 2021 - 12:54 AM

*HELP! Sorry for the long post!
2009 cba
65000 miles
All service records 100% bone stock

In a bit of a situation and would like some advice. Sorry if the post is a bit long. Took my 2009 GTR Monday to get all the windows tinted including the windshield. Came back not even 2 hours later to pick up my car. After paying and letting the owner post a picture of my car on his website I walk out to the back by myself to get in. I push the start button and the car barely wanted to turn on... I thought wow thats pretty strange but thought nothing of it until my car literally started freaking out. My dash lights came on and made the cluster look like a Christmas tree! The most notable were the key light and check engine light stating engine management failure. I freaked went inside and asked if anyone had driven it other than moving it which I know they didnt because I took a picture of the odo before I left. I tried turning the car off and I couldnt even do that. Fast forward, managed to get it home as it drove perfectly it was just doing whatever it wanted electronic wise such as no blinks, cluster restarting, etc. Also managed to finally turn it of at home but the parking lights stayed on and it even TURNED ON by just putting my foot on the brake. Nissan has had it for going on 4 days and they replaced the BCM which they were 100% sure is what it was. Just got called and said they need it another week. What should I do? Anyone have incite or experienced similar problems? My car was 100% fine before leaving it at the tint shop and if I had to describe the car it would be possessed. Please let me know your thoughts!
*Currently no lights on the dash anymore its just doing what it wants to do. And either will start or it wont.

2/15/21 Car is still at Nissan with the dash out. Techs are tracing each wire and still cant seem to find the problem. BCM was NOT the culprit.