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Urgent - CEL, limp mode and Ecutek

31 December 2020 - 02:12 AM

Recently purchased a 2014 35 from someone who appeared to be a genuine enthusiast.

Within 10min of driving after taking delivery I noticed that he omitted the fact that the car had an Ecutek tune and I dont have an ecutek cable /dongle for diagnosis. Please advise after reading the points below.

* car is running a bit rough
* CEL flashes when in manual mode above 6000rpm.
* car has also goes into limp mode above 4000rpm in auto mode - constant CEL.
* no hard stored codes
* mods: ecutek, aftermarket intakes, custom turbo back valvetronic exhaust

Mechanics here in Sydney arent available for another few weeks and have already given the indication that it will be a costly diagnosis process.

Any help would be most appreciated.