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TH1 BNR32 out of PHX, AZ

06 January 2021 - 02:03 PM

Hey everyone,


My name is Steve and I have a Nissan problem... I currently own an S13, S14, and of course my 'R32 GTR. Been into Nissans since about 2003 when I bought my first S13 but have wanted a Skyline GTR since Gran Turismo 1 came out (I've had that game since it was released, lol). Well, in Summer of 2016, I picked up my TH1 BNR32 with 47k miles on the clock and had a blast with the car for the first year. Then the water pump went out so I put it on stands for maintenance, which turned into more maintenance since I was there... Then I had 2 kids since then and I'm just now starting to finish ordering up the rest of the parts to get it back on the road... I can't wait! It's been way too long!


Anyways, car is pretty simple and close to stock. Had exhaust, some mild suspension upgrades, and that's about it before taking it apart. Since then, I have designed my own Evo Brembo kit for it, and am working on a few other parts and hopefully by spring time, it'll be quite the fun street car (doing -5 Turbos to keep budget reasonable). Going to be tuning it on Link as well. Doing a mild upgrade to the car just to have something fun to drive again while I work on my S14 race car. Once that's done, then I want to go full tilt on the GTR!


Anyways, that's about it. Here's a couple pics of the car before it was put up on stands, ha ha.