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In Topic: Does it ever stop?

09 July 2012 - 12:16 AM

The funniest one was when someone actually thought my car was a mustang.

In Topic: Clicking in frontend?

26 December 2011 - 01:47 AM

This is the infamous brake pad pin clicking. the top pin has no spring clip which is then free to slide left to right in the caliper.. the because sometime on uneven disc rotors when your making turns..brake pad moves around, this is then forces the pin to slide left to right in the caliper making the clicking sound.

This can be cured by getting a spring clip installed tightly making sure the pin does not move around freely or

this is my method and has solved it for me, (the pin moves around in the caliper very slightly) I pushed the pin to inner side (so if it moves it can only move oneway ie. to the outside) and used a cable tie to lock the pin with one of the bolts running parallel to the pin. pull the cable tie as tight as you can..where this should create enough force to keep friction on the pin so that it doesnt slide around... worked for me.. been more than 2months now and havnt heard a click.

EDIT to add photo

This is exactly what it is. You can duplicate the sound by grabbing the lone pin and wiggling it with your finger. Drove me nuts for 2 months and i aways wondered why it disappeared when I gave my wheels and brakes a good wash!!

In Topic: Anyone have clear sidemarkers?

26 December 2011 - 01:43 AM

You could, but most states have laws that forward facing lights can be clear, but any side facing lights must be amber. I got pulled over for this several times with previous cars.

*edit* Holy thread bump batman. This is what I get for having 20 tabs open and not looking at dates before I reply LOL.

Hahahahahaha that was hilarious

In Topic: Cobb Tuning SoCal

16 December 2011 - 06:58 PM

Nice yeah I'm going to be making my appointment with Jon also after picking up intakes and injectors. Good to know that 550 on pump can be made safely with the 1000cc fuel headroom. Did he send out a limp map for you to drive over there with, or did you have the intakes installed there?

I used an off the shelf map from Cobb for the 3" intakes. Installed the intakes last night (pretty straight forward) and drove there this morning. Car drove normal there but i didn't push it.

damn very nice! especially with those mods. did you have the car dynoed in stock form?

I had the car dynoed the previous time i was there with the midpipe and legamax catback only (no intakes) on a stage 2 and stage 1 Cobb off the shelf maps.
478 WHP/ 506 WTQ on Stage 2
465 WHP/ 488 WTQ on Stage 1
These are on their mustang dyno
Here is the Link to that:

Based on those numbers i believe a bone stock 2010 GTR will do around 430 WHP (at least mine)
I'll post the new chart once I have access to it in a day or two.

The car is a monster, Jon did an amazing Job. Power delivery is super smooth but BRUTAL!

In Topic: Cobb Tuning SoCal

16 December 2011 - 05:03 PM

Yes 91 octane. As far as injectors go he said unrighteousness there. If I want more power I would need to change them.