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05 April 2017 - 02:04 PM

New EQT GT3076R Turbos!

This is a 2010 GT-R that we did a mild build on over a year ago. Back then the customer wanted to run 9's on the stock turbos so we built a nice strong block and left the heads untouched. The car ended up running a 9.8 on that setup with stock turbos. Now the customer decided it was time to get some more power into the car with a mild turbo upgrade shooting for about 800whp on our dyno while retaining great response and drivability. 

 We took this as a prime opportunity to try out our soon to be released EQT GT3076 stock manifold turbos. These turbos use the stock manifolds and housings for discreet and simple installation and a great price point. The housings are CNC machined to fit a genuine Garret GT3076R ball bearing cartridge and wheels. This will be our entry level turbo upgrade for the GT-R, so it was very aporpriate to test it on a nice mild setup like this. 

We left most of the setup exactly as it was on the stock turbos and added our turbos along with supporting fuel mods. Here is the complete setup as it sits:

EQT Built Shortblock (Manley Pistons and Rods, Balanced and Blueprinted)
EQT GT3076R Stock Manifold Turbos with 18psi Wastegate Actuators
Shep Transmission
ETS Street Intercooler Upgrade
Ported Stock Intake Manifold and Throttle Bodies
SBD Turbo Inlet Pipes and Intakes
SBD Downpipes, Midpipe, and Exhaust
ID1700x Fuel Injectors
T1 Fuel Rails, Lines, Flex Fuel Kit
Visconti Billet Fuel Pump Basket with 2 Walbro 450lph pumps
Visconti Fuel Pump Hardwire Kit
AMS 4 Bar MAP sensor
GotBoost Speed Density Kit
EQT Custom Tune Using Cobb AccessPort
** Stock Heads and Cams
** Stock Intercooler Piping and BPVs

We tuned the car on E85 hitting 29psi peak, tapering to 27psi by 7500RPM. Even with the really simple setup and potential restrictions, the car put down an easy 815whp on our dyno with the low reading mustang dyno calibration. On the native Dynocom calibration, that came out to 959whp! This is really incredible power for completely stock heads and cams. We were very pleased with the results and how well the turbos spool up. FYI, we are running the car in RWD only on the dyno which impacts the spool of the turbos. On the road they spool about 500RPM sooner!

Here is the dyno chart on E85 (Mustang Dyno Calibration):

And here is the same chart using the native Dynocom calibration which reads similar to Dynojets:

And a dyno video:


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10 March 2017 - 01:48 PM

Looking food Will! We can get you down to 2 flat or under around that track! 


-- Ed

In Topic: Equilibrium Tuning GT-R Tunes and Updates Thread

25 January 2017 - 09:31 PM

This is a 2013 GT-R that came to us with about 900whp and a hurt engine. Now its our dyno record holder! 

The customer was shooting for around 1300whp and had selected a setup from ETS to provide the power. We spec'd out and built the engine to handle, put everything together, and tuned the car using Ecutek RaceRom. The build loosely consists of:

EQT Built 4.1l Shortblock using Manley rods, Manley Pistons, 88.4mm Crank
CNC Ported Heads with GSC Billtet Cams + Valve Springs + Oversized Valves
Fore Triple Pump System (3x Walbro 450lph Pumps) with custom fuel lines
Boost Logic Intake Manifold (12 injector)
SBD Throttle Bodies
Visconti 12 Injector Setup with 
6 1100cc Injectors and 6 1600cc injectors
Race Intercooler
ETS Turbo Kit with Xona Rotor XR 8267 Turbos
ETS 3.5" Intakes
GTC Exhaust
Jack's Transmission
EQT Custom Tune using Ecutek RaceRom

Here are some pictures of the car and under the hood:


This car ended up destroying our previous dyno record of 1174whp with these 1300whp+ runs! This tune was done on E80 at 40spi of boost peak:


And here's a little dyno video:




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12 January 2017 - 08:27 PM

Here is an 09 GT-R that came in with a basic setup. This one just has intakes and midpipe and came in running on a Cobb OTS map. We did a baseline pull on the Cobb map and then proceeded with a custom tune. This is all on 91 Octane at a conservative 18psi peak. Since the car has no fueling mods, power is a bit limited up top. But we still ended up with a healthy 30whp gain over the Cobb map. The tune also cleaned up the torque curve drastically. Here is the dyno chart comparing the Cobb map to the EQT custom tune:



In Topic: Equilibrium Tuning GT-R Tunes and Updates Thread

11 January 2017 - 07:41 PM

Here is a bit more basic GT-R build we finished recently. This is a 2014 GT-R that's set up as a show car but wanted some go to go with it. So we built the shortblock using Manley pistons and rods, sent out the transmission for a Shep 1k upgrade, installed the SBD1200 turbo kit, T1 fuel system (rails, regulator, ID2000cc injectors, flex fuel kit), AMS Omega dual brushless fuel pump system, 4 port boost solenoid, and some GSC S2 Billet cams in otherwise stock heads.


After assembly and break-in miles, we tuned the car on flex fuel. The best we could get at the time was E75, so we had to make due. This is the first time we have attempted to run a big turbo setup on un-ported heads and stock un-ported intake manifold and throttle bodies. Although we didn't quite hit 1000whp, the results are still very impressive considering the limitations of the setup. This is now a solid low 9 second car, all while looking pretty!


Here are some shots of the car:







And here is the dyno on E75 at 32psi: