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  1. Wheels & Tires
    For Sale - Volk 19" RE30 Gold Wheels & 295front / 315rear 35ZR19 Hoosier R7 - MA, $1695 Details - These are track wheel / tire set up for the last 4 years. The R7's have 4 heat cycles or 1 full day on them. They should be good for 3-4 more days depending on the users ability. This is a great set...
  2. WTB
    Hello guys my question is. Given the scenario i like to purchase a set of wheels from a member in this form. How i go about ensuring my money is safe and the sellers merchandise also? thanks in adv #LordRick
  3. Wheels
    Hi, I am looking for sizing and options on the GTR. From what I am being told, there are a lot more options out there in 19 and 18 inch tires. What size rims and dimensions are recommended. Personally, I am trying to keep it affordable since I do about 8 track days a year. I'm also looking to...
  4. Wheels
    I have a set of lightly used Pirelli Winter 240 Sottozero tires (245/40R19 all around) that were on a CTS-V wagon I previously owned, and I'm thinking of getting a used set of decent 19" wheels to mount them on to use for my '14 GT-R. I don't need anything high end, just something that looks...
  5. R35 GT-R
    I've looked around and haven't got any good info on FRONT wheels in 10.5" & 11.0" widths. Curious if anyone knows the ideal offset for these widths on the front so they don't stick out. Anyone? Thanks!
  6. Wheels & Tires
    Hey guys, for sale is a set of gold SSR Type-F's (center caps and lug nuts are included!) Specs: 19x9.5 +22 and 19x10.5 +15, lug nuts are Muteki SR35 I believe.. $1900 picked up or + shipping OBO. I can meet along the 5 freeway from SD to LA. This post is for WHEELS ONLY. If you want my tires...
1-6 of 6 Results