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  1. Transmission & Drivetrain
    Hey guys .. need some support and advise from Built GTR owners. I just finished my Alpha 9 build, with the 3.8L built short block, clutch upgrade 7 superstock, and dms 1st gear: Details on my build in this thread---> MY ALPHA 9 BUILD. Main issue: Sudden clutch whine & crank noises on low...
  2. GT-R Build Threads
    Finally pulled the trigger, after 6 years and 23K miles on my FBO setup. I've been waiting/saving up to build my shortblock/new turbos etc.. basically a safe reliable 800-900whp street car. While I was in the states, ran e85 for a while, then stayed with pump 93. I was pushing 661wtq on e85...
  3. GT-R Build Threads
    Hey guys, been talking to a local GTR shop/experts over here about my next upgrades that I'm saving for ..let's say in 3 months. I'm currently fbo, with gas over here 95 ron probably hitting 540whp/wtq.. on back in US got 603/604 on 93 , and 646/661 on e85. my most concern is blowing my...
  4. Engine & Drivetrain
    Hi everyone, we just received a batch of Dodson first gear/input shafts after a LONG back order. We also have many other Dodson parts in stock like always, including clutches, adjustable front upper control arms, baskets, pistons / seals, all gear locks / mechanical circlips, transmission / FWD...
  5. Transmission & Drivetrain
    Greetings, We have just completed an interesting SSP Stage 4 upgrade on an 2013 GTR. Thought I would share some pictures as we believe we are the first to do this kit on the 2013 GTR. The SSP stage 4 kit included: Trans cooler, cabin switch, SSP Gear Locks, SSP Viton seals, SSP 100hp...
  6. WTB
    My "1st / Rev gear"-selector fork broke down, it happend same like this one: I have a Dodson 1st gear upgrade and searching for a new selector fork. Hope you guys can offer me one.
1-6 of 6 Results