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  1. Engine
    Hello everyone, I have a 2015 gtr "FBO" e85, minus the intercooler. So after coming home from my dyno tune I had a 3-hour drive home and the car performed excellently, the next time I turned it on (yesterday) I immediately noticed a new ticking noise, the noise is only apparent from inside the...
  2. Newbie Intro
    Hi Guys, I am thrilled to say that I made my purchase this week. I picked up a 2015 Pearl White Prem Edition, stock with some carbon fiber accents. Looking forward to ownership. Will get some photos up soon. I am in Miami, FL. Any recommendations on dealership/shop to get service done...
  3. GT-R Ownership
    Hi All, What do you think about Amber Red Interior vs premium black interior for 2015 gun metallic exterior car? Price at 79k, 7k miles....regarding interior color I'm just thinking it has a particular taste for resale and premium black seem safer and more general taste..
  4. Newbie Intro
    Newbie to GT-R life in Indy. Looking to upgrade my new GTR. Open to suggestions or advice on for new intake, exhaust, and engine mods. Armytrix has caught my attention!
  5. GT-R Media
    Was surprised to find out this 2015 GTR already had the Switzer P800 setup on it. Ran very consistent all day for the conditions of the track. Great combo all around! Subscribe to see more videos from the Team Insanity Track Rental, more GTR videos to come. Thanks for watching.
  6. GT-R Media
    And it sounds incredible! P600: Switzer SS102 Exhaust Drop in air filters Switzer P600 Calibration Cobb AP V3 w/ TCM $5995 + install.
  7. Exterior & Interior
    2015 Headlights and Taillights sale only have a few left No Group Buy first come first serve. on hold sale pending on all inventory!!!! .
  8. R35 GT-R
    Last week we finished up tuning on a brand new 2015 GTR with our P600 PKG on it (including our *new* SS102 exhaust) and helped the guys over at Cobb Tuning finish up some tweaking on their new firmware for the Cobb Accessport to support the 2015 GTR. Here are the results vs stock on 93 octane...
  9. Exterior & Interior
    2015 GTR headlights! In stock and ready to ship! The taillights should be coming in later this month. Get them before they're gone! PM For pricing! Dayne Acute Performance
  10. R35 GT-R
    A few weeks ago EcuTek released to their entire dealer network full ECM/TCM support in 3 major markets for the 2015 GTR. This will be the 4th year in a row EcuTek has been first to market with full support for a new GTR and that's awesome! Just want to say Thanks to Shiggy for getting the JDM...
1-10 of 10 Results