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  1. Newbie Intro
    Hi guys! I am VERY new to forums and not sure if this is how I start it or where to go. Im looking for the main differences between a 2017, 2018 & 2019 GTR. I am planning to buy one in spring 2021 and would just like to know the interior, exterior, mechanical differences between them. The one...
  2. GT-R Ownership
    Hi, eveyone. I've been waiting for quite a long time to finally be in a position to buy my dream car, and it's finally here! Thing is, I wanted to get your opinions on a few pressing questions. Apologies in advance if I come off long-winded and thanks in advance! TL:DR - Questions numbered...
  3. R35 GT-R
    Post up what sales you've seen so far. As of today i've seen:
  4. Drag
    Unofficial pics and updates for 2k18. I'll be there and will try to keep this updated.
1-4 of 4 Results