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  1. Wheels & Tires
    Hi guys, As I stated in the title, my DBA premium wheels are up for sale for Any reasonable price ( preferably local pick up ) located in Arizona. Took them off yesterday as I got me a new set of wheels and tires. Decent thread left on the stock tires .. PM me your offers! Sorry for the bad...
  2. Wheels & Tires
    FS: Volk Racing G2 satin black, 20 inch Spec: 20x10 ET20 and 20x11 ET15, Satin Black Condition: fresh powdercoated, very good condition. Location: Irvine, CA Shipping: $40-60 per wheel depending on location. Price: $3000
  3. Wheels & Tires
    BenSopra Motorsport / Niche Targa 20" In Stock (Special Pricing) Niche Targa M130 20x10 ET40 20x10.5 ET30
1-3 of 3 Results