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  1. Wheels & Tires
    Up For Sale is Magnesium Blue Gram Lights 57XX with Nitto NT05 tires for $2000 shipped. I bought the wheels from James @ Vivid Racing in November 2014. Here are the specs: (F) Gram Lights 57FXX 20x10 +30 with Nitto NT05 275/40/20 tires (R) Gram Lights 57FXX 20x11 +18 with Nitto NT05 315/35/20...
  2. Suspension & Tires
    So i've been tossing around the idea of buying a set of clean cba wheels for my car since i kinda like the way they look. I finally found a nice set at a reasonable price and they currently have Nitto NT05R 315/35/20s for the back and invo 275/40/20s for the front. I realize that having radials...
1-2 of 2 Results