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  1. Suspension & Tires
    Should be replacing my rear tires soon. I currenly have Pirelli Sotozero tires Size: 285/35/R20 & 295/35/ZR20 Wheels: 20x9.5 & 20x10.5 Offset: F 40mm R 20mm Ride height: Stock Spacers: Eibach 15mm/20mm Street driven, summer tires. Goal is to keep the flush look, wheels sticking out a little...
  2. Suspension & Tires
    I just bought a set of matte black 360 Forged Mesh 8 deep concave 20x10.5 et 38 front, 20x 10.5 et 10 rear and am not sure what tires or sizes to go with...? The car does not get tracked and is not a daily driver. Just weekends only. I was looking at doing some MPSS 285/35/20xl up front & MPSS...
  3. Wheels
    Hi Guys, Just installed my recently purchased Michelin PSS. I went with a 285 front, 295 rear set up. I am running on Cor Cipher Deep Concave Wheels 20x10 fronts and 20x11 rears. Absolutely no rubbing issues whatsoever. Ride is smooth and quiet especially to what I had on before. Have not...
  4. Wheels
    SUCCESS!!!!! I just finally bought my beloved GTR (thanks 2002_VIPER_GTS_ACR!!!) and it came with snow tires. So with things warming up and dying to really drive this thing, I needed tires. I searched and searched and could only find that 285's square would work and many other oppinions if 295's...
1-4 of 4 Results