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  1. Exhaust
    Perfect condition, no scratches on bottom of resonator. On car for only 3 months. $400 shipped. Paypal
  2. Exhaust
    90mm Used Titanium Midpipe (not 100% sure of brand, possibly Titek or Linney) $750 buyer covers shipping and paypal fees. Ships from Blaine, Washington State. Ship within North America only.
  3. Exhaust
    Hello Fam/Saludos Familia! I recently bought HKS 4' exhaust and no longer need this AMS Midpipe. $600 shipped or best offer. /Manny
  4. Exhaust
    For Sale - Used AMS GTR mid pipe Details - Size - 90mm - resonated w/out cat. Great condition. Used for 3,000 miles. A crack appeared between weld of pipe and resonator. Sent back to AMS for repair. Reason for Selling - Due to waiting period for AMS to repair bought a new mid pipe and...
  5. Exhaust
    Picked up exhaust to match. Will not be selling this mid pipe.
  6. Exhaust
    Speed By Design's 90mm Non-resonated Midpipe Full SS304L stainless steel construction, including 3/8" thick SS flanges and flex bellows! 90mm pipe diameter offers big power increase. Easy install, NO Tuning required! Hardware & Gaskets included PM me here or email me at...
  7. Exhaust
    Speed By Design's 90mm MONSTER Resonated Midpipe The best defense against annoying exhaust drone, this midpipe features our monster resonator, the largest resonator on the market, and thick wall piping for maximum drone suppression. Full SS304L stainless steel construction, including flanges...
  8. Exhaust
    Selling my Greddy PE-R exhaust Used for about 15k miles but still in excellent condition Car made 1280 WHP with this exhaust with no issues, had to change it once I broke 1400 whp due to backpressure issues $2200 Shipped in the Continental US
  9. Exhaust
    Looking to gauge some interest in my exhaust. Wanting to upgrade to the 102mm since I am upgrading my car again. This exhaust has about 6k miles on it and its in really good shape. This exhaust gives a nice tone with very little drone. It's quiet until you drop the hammer then the voice of...
  10. Exhaust
    Selling my AMS downpipes. Nothing wrong with them. Just going to a 102mm exhaust and upgrading. These retail for $1400. (O2 sensors not included) Thanks, Josh
  11. Exhaust
    Selling my HKS Legamax catback and Titek resonated midpipe, has around 20k miles on it. No cracks on any of the welds. Sounds incredible! Upgraded to a 4" exhaust. I got so many compliments on how great my car sounded with this set up. LEGAMAX SOLD $375 shipped for the Titek Located in...
  12. Engine
    With the help of James @ Vivid Racing, just picked up Agency Power's new 90mm valvetronic exhaust and midpipe. One word so far to describe this setup is BADASS! The fact of being able to change the level of noise is awesome, no drone with or without the valve opened but so much more quiet...
  13. Exhaust
    iPE Valvetronic Full Exhaust I just got word from iPE that they have just finished their 90MM exhaust system for GTR, which is quite a difference from the previous 76MM system. Innotech's valvetronic technology offers a sophisticated performance exhaust system that delivers both power and...
  14. Engine
    Well, The mod bug hit me, and in a big way as of recent. After searching high and low for the best of everything in terms of performance, quietness, and quality I knew I wanted a midpipe that was both catted for emissions inspections (VA), and quiet for everyday driving. A resonated pipe of...
  15. R35 GT-R
    With its unique fine-wire brushed finish and four "black chrome" exhaust tips, this latest version of Switzer's SS90 performance exhaust bears more of a familial resemblance to the company's newly-updated Porsche Turbo exhausts and the new-for-2013 cat-back systems for 63-series BiTurbo...
  16. Engine
    Of course, as soon as I got my GTR, I contacted my long time friends at AMS. I have built a few Evo's with them over the years for track and street. I've been lucky enough to see Martin, Arne, Eric, Chris, Ivan (theres soooo many more guys to name) grow from a samll shop that specialized in DSM...
1-19 of 22 Results