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  1. Other Vehicles
    Does anyone know who is good with 997 Turbo tuning, re mapping, turbos, injectors, e85, etc..... Thanks in advance
  2. GT-R Media
    my friend Trevor asked me to come up to hickory this past weekend to take a picture for an advertisement in the upcoming Tobacco Roads Porsche magazine themed "family ties". he got Matt's old 996 GT3-RSR Grand Am car out to the airport from storage, cleaned it up and then asked one of their...
  3. Other Vehicles
    On a gloomy day March 17, 2012, while the rest of the country was waking up to start their St. Patrick day drinking, we at Vivid Racing took on a rare challenge in Arizona. A freak storm had moved in and started dumping snow as low as 3500 feet. As we headed up North towards Payson from...
  4. Other Vehicles
    Check out this nicely modded Porsche 997 Turbo! It has a few exterior Carbon Fiber bits on it now but will be pushing 650+HP with more exterior mods very soon! Let us know what you think! Photos thanks to Chris Walsh in Maryland! Wheel specs: Strasse Forged R10 19x8.5 / 19x11 Matte Black...
1-4 of 4 Results