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  1. AccessTUNER
    The car is a USDM 2009 some of the bolt ons, down pipes, Y pipe, 1000cc, 2.75 intake I'm pretty green to Accesstuner race and the GTR platform and need some help please Car was running good, tuned on MAF, went to speed density with the cobb base map. Now tossing codes: Trans P2637, P2641...
  2. Engine & Transmission
  3. Engine & Transmission
  4. Engine & Transmission
    I have copy of ATR available for $500.00. New copy from Cobb is $695! To use the ATR software you have to contact Cobb w/the serial number of your AP--see email from Ian at Cobb below (I will still send you a copy of software). If you're not comfortable, Cobb can confirm Ian's instructions...
1-4 of 4 Results