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  1. Brakes
    Just got a set of AMS Performance Carbon Ceramic Brakes in. This kit will be going on a pretty cool build that we are putting together. More details on the build will be released further down the road. These brakes are to much eye candy to not share now The AMS CCB kit is designed to...
  2. Canada
    Brand new 4 point ACG roll cage, black edition red. Never installed. Paid $2400USD but I'm offering it at $2000 CAD. Located in Calgary. Shipping not included. Here is a thread about the bar.
  3. Wheels & Tires
    I have a full set of barely used black Rays locking lugs. $100 plus shipping.
  4. Engine & Transmission
    Have a used, great condition AMS Alpha sheet metal intake manifold up for grabs SOLD. **NOTE: Throttle bodies shown are NOT included in sale**
  5. Engine & Transmission
    Up for sale, another pre-owned AMS Alpha 9+ Turbo kit. Used for about 4,000 miles. Nothing wrong, complete kit. Previous owner upgraded to a bigger build. Comes complete with Forge Actuators, Alpha 9+ Turbo Intakes. All oil/coolant lines, fittings and gaskets. SOLD. **SPECIAL PRICE...
  6. Engine & Transmission
  7. Exhaust
    One set of gently used Rexpeed Carbon replacement exhaust tips. Will only work on factory cat back systems. Used for a little over 1 month. $325 Cash.
  8. Exhaust
    Have one of these in great condition. Ready to move or be installed! SOLD
  9. Drag
    11.16.13 @ Sacramento Raceway. Gidi Chamdi's "slow car" ran 8.96 @ 157.11 MPH (best of the day) The photo below is another 8 sec pass TRUE LOVE
  10. Exhaust
    Up for sale a set of used AMS non-catted cast downpipes. Excellent condition. SOLD Installation always welcomed at our San Deigo facility.
  11. Engine & Transmission
    Up for sale a set of used AMS Alpha 9+ Turbochargers off a 2013 GT-R. Includes: AMS Alpha 9+ Turbochargers Forge Wastegate Upgrade AMS Alpha Intakes (Required for Alpha 9+ Turbos) All water and oil lines All brackets and hardware All new gaskets Price: SOLD with good stock turbo cores +...
  12. Brakes & Suspension
    Up for sale, a pair of rear rotor rings off of my 2013 GT-R. These will fit ANY model year GT-R. They are in great condition and are barely worn. Have about 2,500 miles on them. OEM Thickness is 30mm. Rotor thickness is mic'd below. $SOLD
  13. Wheels & Tires
    Up for sale a set of wheels taken off a practically brand new 2014 Black Edition. Wheels have less than 1,500 miles of use. In absolutely PERFECT condition. SOLD CASH FOR WHEELS ALONE. Located at our San Diego facility. Will ship anywhere in the world, just ask for shipping quote. Pics:
  14. Exhaust
    We have a gently used (less than 1,000 miles) AMS Resonated Mid-pipe. Our client requested to increase the sound in his car so we swapped him into a non resonated unit. SOLD. Willing to ship anywhere in the world and as always installation is welcomed at our San Diego Facility.
  15. R35 GT-R
    I finally wrapped up a several weeks of mods last month. Here's the rundown on my full-bolt, E85, 2013 GT-R with other interior mods: Engine/Under-hood: -AMS non-catted DP's -AAM non-catted mid-pipe -SiR 265 LpH Fuel Pumps -SiR 1,150 Injectors -HKS 'Super Fire' plugs -Red Tial BOV's (100% VTA)...
1-20 of 45 Results