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  1. Newbie Intro
    Hey guys, Just waiting on the truck to drop off a black 2014 5k miles with Alpha 7 package from AMS, 20'' Black Advan GT wheels and Titek exhaust
  2. Wheels
    I have currently have a set of te37 ultra's (bronze) on my bensopra car. I posted some time ago here if I should change my wheels and what set it would be. Most said that I have to change it since I think the aggressiveness of the kit doesn't flow well with the ultra's mostly with the fronts...
  3. WTB
    Looking for this set new or used. PM me!
  4. Wheels & Tires
    FS: Yokohama Advan GT, Premium Edition Spec: 20x11 ET5 Condition: They have been mounted for 2013 Sema Show only, never running on the streets, tire label stickers still on all tires. one wheel has scratch due to upload and unload the car from trailers. Location: Irvine, CA Shipping: $40-60 per...
  5. R35 GT-R
    TSM TX2K14 Build | Foreign Affairs This car comes to us all the way from Taiwan!!! The customer shipped it across the ocean to get some TSM love. I have to say it was a very big honor to receive this build from an international customer. We have done builds where someone buys the car in...
  6. GT-R Media
    UPDATE: All photo credits to BIG thanks to BULLETPROOF AUTOMOTIVE (GT-RR) for all the help and suuport and of course FFTEC Motorsports for the power! http://www.stancenat...ids-nissan-gtr/ Old Pictures: Previous Setup...
1-8 of 8 Results