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  1. Engine
    I purchased a 2016 GT-R that apparently the previous owner had put full exhaust and intakes on, plus the tune obviously. However, when he traded it in, he did not reflash it back to stock but did remove all supporting mods (probably to sell by parts). Where I am concerned is the fact that the...
  2. Interior & Exterior
    Hey all, Wanted to ask for those who have had their aftermarket parts wrapped in the past. Did the part have to be primed and painted prior to the wrap so it can stick? Will just priming it work? I've attached some of the pics of the parts during the install for reference. Thank you! P.s Hope...
  3. Engine
    So, it has happened :OMG: My car is 2008 CBA with FBO and pretty big millage (65000 km = 40300 miles). 3 months ago I decided to switch from COBB to Ecutek and had the car tuned by Ben Linney. All was perfect, Ben made a great job. After the tune I never observed detonation, all was good. My...
  4. Drag
    AfterMarket Manifold Class Only: -aka stock location aftermarket manifold class -aka (GTRLife) Class GTR3 #1 - 6.725 at 218.27 MPH -- T1 Race Development Build ( Owner: George Dodworth, sevenspeed @lasergeorge ) 1.191 60' -- 1/8th = 4.477 at 173.47 MPH -- Pickup = 44.8mph 4.3L AMS Billet...
  5. Transmission & Drivetrain
    Hello, I am owner of a 2009 GT-R. I had a failure(limp mode),so had to change a solenoid. After a couple of miles, another problem occurs: Broken shift fork (1st & R gear) So now I'm thinking of upgrading my transmission using the recommended parts. Which parts do you think are important? Thanks
  6. Newbie Intro
    please please please so i got this grr for a great price 70k and i realized i have way tooooo many aftermarket parts and i need some of the more experience GTR owners to guide me and schooled me.
  7. Newbie Intro
    please please please so i got this grr for a great price 70k and i realized i have way tooooo many aftermarket parts and i need some of the more experience GTR owners to guide me and schooled me.
  8. Interior & Exterior
    12.01.15 Updated information I've spent the last few days reading through various threads on the subject of aftermarket seats in the GT-R. tl;dr Has anyone tried or investigated using European Recaro Sportster CS seats (with airbag) in their R35 GT-R? I've seen a few European GT-Rs using the...
  9. Wheels & Tires
    Up For Sale is Magnesium Blue Gram Lights 57XX with Nitto NT05 tires for $2000 shipped. I bought the wheels from James @ Vivid Racing in November 2014. Here are the specs: (F) Gram Lights 57FXX 20x10 +30 with Nitto NT05 275/40/20 tires (R) Gram Lights 57FXX 20x11 +18 with Nitto NT05 315/35/20...
  10. Part Out & Misc
    I have a 2014 Black Edition. Location: Cambridge, MA 02141 I'll be posting all my future (For Sale/Sold) OEM & aftermarket parts here over here. (PM for more info on parts) **Moderators: I'm uploading images from PhotoBucket. How can I make images smaller when posting on forum. Thanks OEM...
  11. WTB
    (NO LONGER NEEDING WHEELS) thanks Hi all, I'm looking to purchase (new or used) Advan RZ-DF or RS-D ( in Black or Matte black) by January as I am away for vacation atm. I'm keeping my OEM tires, so I need the wheels to fit my current stock setup, I believe the max I can do is 20x10 and 20x11...
  12. Wheels
    I already have a set of Winter and Summer tires, and I'm not willing to purchase a new set for aftermarket wheels. Which aftermarket wheels are made to fit the OEM 2014 GT-R tires? 20's of course. Anyone ?
  13. Interior & Exterior
    Aeromotions Wing or Black Edition wingShould I keep the Aeromotions wing, or put back the dry carbon?Keep Aeromotions Wing1140.74%Put back Black Edition Wing1140.74%Keep the wing, and paint the wheels black13.70%Put back Black Edition wing & paint wheels gloss black414.81%
  14. Service & Maintenance
    So I just purchased a set of AP rotors and MX72 brake pads and I don't know where to have them installed. Should I go to the dealership, Firestone (or similar), or a specialty shop? I'm not sure what my best option is here in Houston.
  15. Exterior & Interior
    Sold, thank you for looking!
  16. WTB
    Not in a big rush, just like them and if someone does not want thers anymore i wanna buy them Thanks is advance MiKEY *edit found some thanks to Forum
  17. R35 GT-R
    Hello, fellow NAGTROC members! CHECK IT OUT! ------> SP Engineering has launched a brand new web store for you guys to check out and to order from. This will be your newest #1 source for R35 GT-R aftermarket performance parts. We ship worldwide and will offer the best pricing...
  18. WTB
    Hey all, I need myself an intercooler to pull some additional HP out of my setup. In addition, I'll need some BOV's as well, would prefer to get the BOV's ASAP, because I will be getting a tune soon. Thanks!
1-18 of 18 Results