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  1. Vendor Deals
    SOLD!!!! Location: Marietta, GA Title: Clean Local Pickup: Yes Shipping: Can be arranged at Buyer's expense to any where in the US Will You Ship International: Yes. Payment: Cash/Wire Transfer to Bank, Cashiers Check, Bank Loan Returns Accepted: No. Contact Method: Email or Phone. Trades: Yes...
  2. Pre-Owned GT-R Listings
  3. California
    Here at ACG Automotive we pride ourselves on being one of the premier installers of AMS Performance packages for the R35 GTR. Since 2010, we have been one of the premier installers of AMS packages. We pride ourselves on having countless Alpha 7, 9, 10 and 12 package builds under our belts. We...
  4. R35 GT-R
    I have dug through a few pages of search results but still have a ton of questions. I am very close to pulling the trigger on an engine/tranny/turbo upgrade build with flex fuel. The car will be a street car that will get driven hard. It will not be a car show queen or something that lives at...
  5. Drag
    Went to Pueblo Motorsports Park Saturday night with Scuba, Nico, Matheo, Chris and Josh. First time running my car with the new power, definitely was not expecting the results I had! First pass, right off the highway: Couldn't believe it! Fastest time ever for me, and a new record for up...
  6. Exhaust
    First Name: Paul Price: 1300 cash/ Paypal Location: Anaheim, CA / Orange County, CA Contact: PM Only Reason for Selling: Upgraded to fuel system for Alpha 12. Hi Everyone, I have USED AMS Fuel system for sale. Only used 13000 miles. Very good condition, no dings, no dents and no scratches.
  7. GT-R Media
    When a GT-R with an AMS Performance Alpha 10 kit is in your rear view you should move over. All of us here know the chances of that happening is slim to none being that an Alpha 10 will most likely be leading the pack anyway. We'd like to thank GT-R Life member pgtr13 for joining the team and...
  8. GT-R LIFE Vendor Reviews
    I would like to thank Topspeed Motor Sports and all of the guys over there for building me a great Alpha 10 GTR. Some of you may have seen my first review of TSM on my original build, if not here it is: I...
  9. Engine & Transmission
    For sale IS how not to make an ad. 1) no location 2) no detailed pix 3) no name on paper 4) no contact info
  10. Engine & Transmission
  11. Engine
    Does anyone have any feedback or experience running Tomei Pro Cams? I'm considering the 264 or 272 Pro Cam. I'm currently running an Alpha 9 on stock motor but I'm building the motor, going 1mm oversized ferra valves, springs, etc and likely upgrading to Alpha 10's. The car will be a summer...
  12. GT-R Media
    I know a lot of you seen the latest Alpha 10 kit with the additional ported throttle bodies and prototype intake manifolds that AMS was hyping on their blog a few weeks back. Article can be seen here: http://blog.amsperfo...ook-out-philly/ Well the owner wanted to see it in action on the dyno...
  13. R35 GT-R
    As many GT-R owners are finding out, the 600-700 whp power level is simply not satisfying the itch for power. 900-1000 whp has become the new benchmark for 'fast' street driven GT-R's. It is for this reason that Doug brought his GT-R back to us after only having his Alpha 9 setup on his car for...
1-13 of 13 Results