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  1. Exhaust
    Hey guys selling my Powerhouse Amuse catback since I don't have the car anymore. If you guys aren't familiar with the brand, this is one of the best jdm companies around. The catback is full titanium, even with the mufflers i can pick it up with two fingers easily. Looks amazing, with 100mm tips...
  2. Other Vehicles
    Nissan 370Z | Project Eye Candy Stage 1 This particular project started when our customer was looking for a reputable shop to make his dreams come true. After some time looking for a place he decided nothing in his area was worthy of doing the work. He drove 3 hours to SO FLA to drop it off at...
  3. Engine
    Just bought the car about 1 1/2 months ago, and finally had time to dyno the car to see what kind of baseline I can get before more bolt ons are slapped on. This is without a tune and only pump 93. So far the only mods that on the vehicle are Amuse Midpipe and Amuse Exhaust. The GTR put down...
  4. R35 GT-R
    Earlier this year, Amuse debuted their new "Black Titan" finish available on all their exhausts. This finish is designed for those that want an aftermarket, full titanium exhaust, but are looking for something a bit more on the stealth side. The "Black Titan" finish is available as a...
  5. WTB
    Hi I was wondering if anybody has an Amuse lip that they're trying to sell? I've been looking for a used one for a while but hasn't seen one for sale since Ricky's. If not, does anybody know where I can get one for a reasonable price? Thanks in advance!
  6. WTB
    Looking for used Amuse Mid Pipe, please advise Specs and Best Price !
21-26 of 26 Results