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  1. Other Vehicles
    He's a guy who went to pick up his La Ferrari and 918 on the SAME DAY - while driving his P1
  2. GT-R LIFE Vendor Reviews
    That is all. No, actually: Just a quick note on the stellar customer service I've gotten from the guys at Jacks Transmissions. My car is still in process of the build there, and I will of course update in the Vendor Review section once it's all buttoned up and I have a chance to get some hours...
  3. Engine & Drivetrain
    ASNU and FIC (Fuel Injector Clinic) have finally released their 1650cc high impedance fuel injectors! This injector size bridges the gap between the popular 1300cc and 2000cc injectors currently available. ASNU and FIC's 1650cc injector are Bosch EV14 based and offer: -More than 2000cc flow...
  4. Engine
    EcuTek are all about pushing the boundaries of what is possible with the stock ECU and our Rolling Launch feature is no exception. Usually found on stand alone ECUs, EcuTek have engineered a solution that works with the stock ECU and doesn't require any application of the brakes. It operates...
  5. R35 GT-R
    Forged Performance's 6th Annual ZDayZ Airstrip event was even bigger and better than all previous years. We would like to thank the many spectators and participants who came out to enjoy the day at the Hendersonville Airport. Without you, it wouldn't have been such a huge success! Just short...
  6. The Lounge
    If you guys got a little bit of time, id like to share my personal story with all of you. This is the tale of having some of the best friends a guy could ask for and some good luck (or karma) on my side. Back in June, I had the pleasure of being invited to the 2013 Nissan GTR Experience at...
1-7 of 7 Results