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  1. Exterior & Interior
    SOLD: Brand New GTR Rear Emblems Picked up but never used. Still in packaging. SOLD........... Location: Boston MA
  2. Exterior & Interior
    For sale: Used fender emblem pair from a low-mileage 2012 vehicle. Details: Slight wear/fade mark on passenger side piece.(see photo) Reason for Selling: upgraded to 2015 side blades. Shipping: Local pick up or Shipping to Continental US only. Price: $70 shipped. Payment: Paypal (Gifted or...
  3. R35 GT-R
    Picked up a 2015 GTR. It does not have the Nissan Badge in the center of the trunk. I notice online, some do and some do not. Can anyone explain the reasoning? I like it without, but I am curious. Attached is the back of my car without and another 2015 with. Thank you....
  4. R35 GT-R
    So I recently got my Overtake x Amuse exhaust and I was very happy with the quality. I decided to be a guinea pig again and get their carbon fiber GT-R badge. This badge is made with 15 layers of carbon fiber stacked on top of each other and cut with a diamond tip saw. I'd say this is the...
  5. Interior & Exterior
    Had the car for about a month, park it at Superior court for jury duty summons and come back and this!!! Pisses me off, they scratched it deep trying to remove it. Is this normal???
1-5 of 5 Results