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  1. Middle East
    We were out cruising, so while we're at it, we decided to have some shots. Thank you Ali for the great photos. Follow Ali on instagram, @CarsofBahrain, and member Lutfalla at @Lutfalla_R35 to check out more pics and videos of his kills! Specs on the Black GTR: HKS...
  2. Newbie Intro
    Hi from Bahrain! I just got my 2009 GTR35 a few days ago and am loving every minute of it! its got 21000miles on the clock and has a Cobb mid pipe, lowered 1" via HR springs and wheel spacers. Currently im looking into adding a few bolt-ons on it (down-pipes,catback, intake and 1000cc injectors...
  3. Middle East
    Its the time of the year again for Gulfrun! This is the eighth year of Gulfrun, where several car enthusiasts participate in several events leading up to a 2 day track event at the Bahrain International Circuit. The event will be held on January 24th and 25th in Bahrain this year, and will...
  4. R35 GT-R
    Hi Guys, I have put together a bunch of photos from a few track days that I participated in recently at the Bahrain International Circuit (BIC). It was a total of 3 days within the span of about 2 weeks. Hope you enjoy...
  5. Middle East
    Just got back from the drag strip. Maaan, can't explain how happy i was when i saw the beast. Words cannot describe, i was like a kid drooling all over it!! What a machine. Enjoy, Album here
  6. Middle East
    Dates3 Dates to choose:22nd of November - Thursday00.00%24th of November - Saturday325.00%30th of November - Friday975.00%
  7. GT-R Media
    Hi Guys, Thought I'd update you guys with what we are planning to do this year. Both myself and VashTS have decided to join the annual Gulf Run event. In case you don't know Gulf Run is an annual two day event that occurs at the Bahrain International Circuit each year. They are on their seventh...
  8. Middle East
    Slip, 1.9 60ft + missfire [email protected]/h - at Bahrain International Circuit (BIC). More details coming....Side note, today his Supra went [email protected], yup....Thats another World Record...
  9. Middle East
    Here are a few shots from a recent Open Track Day that was Held at Bahrain International Circuit: Hope you enjoy...
  10. Middle East
    Shot pics of my car last night using my friends cam that has a lens that gives a fish eye effect but not too extreme. Edited a bit on LR3 so i thought i'd share some with you folks. Will shoot more pics when the hood gets painted to white, CF duckbill trunk arrives and installed.
1-10 of 10 Results