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  1. California
    Cross-promoting this from ------------ I spoke with [email protected] about possibly doing a dyno day at their somewhat new shop in Berkeley. They've done this in the past with Audi folks and they're open to doing this for BMW and...
  2. California
    Fellow Gtr-lifers! Long story short: 2010 year model now due for smog test for the 1st time (yikes!) Some FBO: GotBoost intake and race midpipe, 1100cc fuel injectors, and custom COBB AP tune. Any suggestions on good testing centers with our type of vehicle? I'm due ASAP so any help is...
  3. California
    Hey all, Since we have quite a few Peninsula and South Bay owners now I figured we should set up a local meet. Wilson created an event page on FB so here is a thread for the non Facebookers. A lot of our bay area meets are up north or in the east bay so I don't think some of us have a chance...
  4. California
    SAVE THE DATE! Saturday April 20th CRESCENT CUP RALLY Crescent Cup Rally is coming! The first automotive scavenger hunt in the Bay Area. This event is open to all makes and models of cars! We'll be having all sorts of cars out there, from S2Ks and Acuras, to Vipers and Ferarris, so invite any...
  5. Interior & Exterior
    Any recommendations on a quality tint shop that use 3M material in the SF bay area? Looking for a place that is in the North or East Bay.
1-5 of 5 Results