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  1. Engine
    Hi I upgraded my OEM BOVs to Turbosmart BOVs and running them on softest setting. I am noticing a SLIGHT lag between gears. Before, the car used to just gooo once I put my foot down. Now it feels like a slight delay before it goes. Does anyone here with turbosmart or any Bovs have the same...
  2. Engine
    So I am starting a full bolt on build on my 2014 gtr and I wondering what blow off valves sound the best. I am going to be running a speed density tune by Ben Linney and I am wondering between these 3 what bovs sound the best and also are the most reliable. SBD 50 mm bov, tial 50 mm bov, and...
  3. Engine & Transmission
    2 GFB Stealth Bov Price: $350 shipped in the US Located: 22193 VA Still in good working condition. They will fit stock flanges. I ended up upgrading pipes and switched to Tials
  4. Engine
    I filmed a DIY video on how to install blow off valves on your GTR. The ones I installed on my car are the the Go Fast Bits (GFB), but it should be a very similar install for other BOV's as well. Let me know if it helps! Here's what it sounds like -- Skip to 1:50 if you only want to hear the...
  5. Engine & Transmission
    *************************SOLD!!!!!**************************** Selling my GFB blow off valves. About 4-5k miles on these, and they literally look brand new. You can select to vent to atmosphere or recirculate by spinning the top - takes about 3 seconds each side. I like these, but upgraded...
  6. Engine & Transmission
    - No longer available - No longer available - No longer available - No longer available - I bought the BOVs and recirculation fittings from a Nagtroc vendor (not fake eBay BOVs) a few weeks ago, but not the flanges since they are discontinued. It wasn't easy to source the discontinued flanges...
1-6 of 6 Results