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  1. Brakes
    Been daily driving on Endless N05U pads and Alcon C-Hook rotors for the past 10k miles now. While I have to say I've been extremely happy with the performance of this combination, the one thing that i'm questioning is how quickly the rotors are getting eaten up. All of the forum posts I read...
  2. WTB
    Looking for the best price on Endless MX72 rear pads for 2013 GTR DBA. Zip: 28273
  3. Brakes
    2009 GTR...I know there is a lot of information out there regarding stoptech brake pads...but didnt find anything for my particular use cases... 1. Daily driving use 2. No track use. 3. Budget friendly (for dd street use) 4. Will be exploring other options for track use if necessary. I was...
  4. Brakes & Suspension
    Endless MX-72 Front Brake Pads Brand new in box. $395.00 + Actual Shipping Cost to your location. Local pick up in Roswell GA. Thanks for Looking.
  5. Brakes & Suspension
    Endless MX-72 Front Brake Pads Brand new in the box. $395.00 + whatever actual shipping cost to your location. Pick up in Roswell GA Thanks for looking
  6. Brakes
    My stock pads are getting close to the wear limits and I'm looking for a good replacement. Since the factory pads are priced like they are made from ground up unicorn bones, I was looking at the Project Mu HC800, which is also called the HC+ in Japan. Has anyone tried them on the GT-R? I had a...
  7. Brakes & Suspension
  8. Brakes & Suspension
  9. Brakes & Suspension
    We have a set of Front and Rear Pagid RSC brake pads in stock and ready to ship. Boxes are a little beat up but everything is unused and brand new! 10% of the price and FREE SHIPPING in the lower 48 States takes them! PM me, or order them below and mention the special in the notes. Once this set...
  10. Brakes
    If you ever plan to change your pads, this very handy punch-out tool from Racing Brake really helps. It prevents you from hitting your caliper (or your hand) accidentally when punching in/out the pins that secure the pads in. I wish I had something like this years ago. Got to try it out when I...
  11. Service & Maintenance
    So I just purchased a set of AP rotors and MX72 brake pads and I don't know where to have them installed. Should I go to the dealership, Firestone (or similar), or a specialty shop? I'm not sure what my best option is here in Houston.
  12. Brakes
    Approximately how many track days can I expect to get out of my OEM brake pads and rotors? I'm just trying to figure out when to buy a replacement set as backup.
  13. WTB
    I need to buy a set of rotors and brake pads for my 2009 GTR. I am open to all suggestions, but I would like to hear more quotes about AP J Hook rotors and Endless pads. As of now I think I only need a set of front rotors with a set of rear and front pads, but if I get a smoking deal as a...
  14. GT-R LIFE Vendor Reviews
    I wanted to thank Michael for getting me these special pads in time for my weekend track event. I need these pads to run the WGP ZR1 rotors as they are CC specific. Plus these are GREAT with the rotors and stop them quick. I have been the one posting most of the track reviews of these...
  15. Vendor Deals
    Hello fellow R35 friends! we are having a huge end of the year sale here at Fontana Nissan, I am hosting a sale with discounted pricing I want to empty our shelves and get ourselves ready for the coming year, and prepare ourselves to re organize our warehouse so easiest way is to sell...
  16. Brakes & Suspension
    At Kaizen Tuning, we recognize how costly it can be to replace brakes on your GTR. To address this, we have come up with an excellent solution for those who need new brakes and are on a budget. We have combined a cost effective all around brake replacement, while upgrading your GTR at the same...
  17. Brakes & Suspension
    I am selling these on behalf of my employer. He used to own a GT-R but now no longer does. He has a set of front and back Brembo factory brake pads which he purchased from the dealership. They have some scuff marks on the back, possibly a return or restock. See below for condition and more info...
  18. Brakes & Suspension
    *6/3/2014* If you find better pricing, let us know and we'll beat it! 1 Set of Endless MX-72 F+R left! Ready to Ship! 1 Set of Endless ME-20 F+R! Ready To Ship! Dayne Acute Performance
1-19 of 32 Results