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  1. GT-R LIFE Vendor Reviews
    For several months, I ogled in admiration of the Mine's Double Wing Cover. So, when I received an unexpected email from GT-RR offering fifteen percent off, I knew it was now or never. On November 30, 2015, I threw caution - and a MasterCard - to the wind and made the purchase. Since it was a...
  2. GT-R LIFE Vendor Reviews
    Just a real quick review... I recently ordered some sideskirts from Bullet Proof Automotive, i dealt with Ish. I have historically used James @ Vivid for any appearance modifications and i source performance parts locally from TopSpeed Motorsports. When i saw a post in one of the...
  3. R35 GT-R
    We want to share more of what we do here at Bulletproof with you guys! Expect this thread to be constantly updated with pictures and content of what's going on at Bulletproof! You can expect custom builds, customer rides, JDM goods and an overall personal look at the what goes on at Bulletproof...
  4. Canada
    Selling a set of Advan GT Premium 20x10/20x12 stagger with 285/335 Michelin PSS Stagger. Also includes hub rings and TPMS setup was used for under 1600 km $4700 USD plus ship and paypal fees
  5. GT-R Media
    We don't really do any car shows except for SEMA and Autocon but we wanted to post up some photos from Autocon a couple of weeks ago. We were honored that two of our customer GT-R builds took the top two awards! Narita Dog Fight (one of the best JDM blogs out there had great coverage from the...
  6. GT-R Media
    Following SEMA 2014, we were approached by Super Street magazine with a request to feature a SEMA build on the cover of one of their future issues. Much to our surprise, they ended up asking for not just one, but two of our GT-R projects to appear together in an 8-page double feature! Featuring...
  7. Wheels & Tires
    Looking for a set of 18's for your next event! We have two sets of the Volk ZE40's in BRONZE in stock right now! 18x10 Fronts/18x12 Rears (will clear DBA Calipers) Price is $3360.00 shipped anywhere in the lower 48! Email - [email protected]
  8. Exterior & Interior
    This year at Tokyo Auto Salon, our good friends at Do Luck stole the show with their new "Z Tune" inspired kit for the R35! Do Luck R35 GT-R Front Diffuser, Carbon = $2,195 Do Luck R35 GT-R * Optional Front Diffuser Racing End Plate Extension Set, Carbon = $565 Do Luck R35 GT-R Bulletproof...
  9. Exterior & Interior
    New Release from our friends at KUHL Racing Japan Please contact us for pricing! Email - [email protected] Front Bumper: Side Skirts: Rear Bumper: Front Diffuser: Rear Diffuser; Trunk Spoiler: Swan Neck GT Wing: Full 8 Pt. Aero Kit:
  10. Exterior & Interior
    Finally! For those of you that have a DBA (2012+), and have been searching for an authentic JDM Front Diffuser with Brake Cooling Duct, look no further! Top Secret has released their brand new DBA Front Diffuser! This product is offered from Top Secret in WET CARBON, however, we can offer a...
  11. R35 GT-R
    Here is a great article that I thought some of you might enjoy reading. Speed Hunters did a segment on Varis, and it truly shows the detail involved in authentic JDM made to order products, each part is hand laid, there is no mass automation done here! http://www.speedhunt...a-day-at-varis/
  12. R35 GT-R
    We just returned from another epic trip to R's Meeting at Fuji Speedway. We'll be updating this thread with a ton of cool content and we invite everyone to contribute their own pics (or those scavenged from the web). This year was rainy for the second year in a row, but it could not dampen the...
  13. Exhaust
    Just as the title states, we have one more Amuse x Overtake 100-V Saikou exhaust in stock as of 6/30/2014 Saikou in Japanese means the ultimate or the highest achievement. This exhaust is true to its name! Produced for Overtake by Japan's highest quality titanium exhaust maker Amuse, this...
  14. Wheels & Tires
    Back in January when we took our annual trip to the Tokyo Auto Salon we new these would be a hit... As soon as we came back, we placed one of our largest stocking orders ever for wheels. Here are the first shots of our exclusive colors, Nismo Red and Gold TE37 Ultras! We had the first two...
  15. Exterior & Interior
    Due to popular demand, about 8 weeks about we placed a large stocking order for 6 of the Top Racing Dry Carbon Bonnets. We just received the customs documents (5/22/14), which means they are about 3-4 weeks out. We ordered 6, and only 3 are left. Please email me directly if you are...
  16. Wheels & Tires
    These beauties just arrived for one of our clients...we liked them so much, we ordered additional sets that are ready to be drop shipped anywhere in the world in about a week! They are 20x10+35 (19.3lbs) and 20x11 +15 (20.3lbs)
  17. Exterior & Interior
    Just received my latest batch of these great lips for your DBA! Here is the link:
  18. R35 GT-R
    Many of you may have seen one or two of our videos with some of Japan's most respected GT-R tuners but we officially wanted to officially release them here as a "first season" of the series now that all three videos have been released. We wanted to give GT-R owners and enthusiasts a window into...
1-19 of 35 Results