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  1. R35 GT-R
    I would like to hear everyone’s thoughts on the R35 market and how bad (or not) the prices will drop. I suspect it would drop considering there may not be an R36 for at least another 2 years. I suspect perhaps 20% or more by mid-2023. Thoughts?
  2. GT-R Ownership
    I'd want to buy one with low miles. Realistically how long can I make a gtr last if i take good care of it.
  3. R35 GT-R
    I've contacted a supplier to get group buy pricing on this lift. This model is conformed to work with our cars. Here is a thread about a member buying and using it. It's open in the middle allowing for exhaust work as well. There is also enough space to drop motor and trans. It's perfect for...
  4. GT-R Ownership
    Hello, New guy here, Found a 09 GTR with 23,680 for $27,000, this sounds too good to be true. I am thinking Transmission issues? Any thoughts or comments appreciated. Thank you
  5. The Lounge
    Contacted AL Prioirty for a two sensor laser jammer unit group buy. Retail is $750. Post up if your interested. My laser Intecpetor jammer has nothing but issues a few months after warranty expired so I'll be purchasing an AL Priority Unit regardless.
  6. GT-R Ownership
    Dealer told me today that the pre-order allotments for the 2017 are all filled at the moment (for NA?). Has anyone heard that from a dealer?
  7. GT-R Ownership
    so for as long as i can remember going back to the days when i told myself i was a "car-guy" and will always spend lotsa money on cars, there's always been one thing about car ownership that bugged the crap out of me forever. we buy cars for many reasons. one big one is the way it looks, nobody...
  8. North East
    SOLD ! Thanks for the interest. Over here in Wayne, NJ trying to trade some parts. Advan RZ-DF matte black With Toyo Proxes R888 F: 20x10 +35 285/35zr20 R: 20x12 +20 315/30zr20 And Meisterschaft stainless gt racing exhaust and midpipe -SOLD sorry Rims and tires for your stock rims and...
  9. GT-R Ownership
    Just Got a quote on a 2016 Nissan GTR Premium for a lease. 39 Month lease $1,560 12k/ miles a year with $3200 upfront. The MSRP on this is $103,660 and money factor is .00210. Cars being registered in NY (High Taxes) just to put that out there. Do you guys think its a good deal? I haven't...
  10. GT-R Ownership
    Hi GT-R lovers! I'm about to buy a GT-R in a few days, so I have 2 options: An white Alpha 9 2008 GT-R with 850hp for $ 120.000 or an black 2012 Black Edition (stock) for $200.000? I know, the prices are high, but I live in Brazil, so you should know about the amount of imposts we pay! But I'm...
  11. WTB
    I need to buy a set of rotors and brake pads for my 2009 GTR. I am open to all suggestions, but I would like to hear more quotes about AP J Hook rotors and Endless pads. As of now I think I only need a set of front rotors with a set of rear and front pads, but if I get a smoking deal as a...
  12. WTB
    I'm located in Tampa, FL area. I'm looking to buy a 2012-14 GTR. I will consider 09-11 if the price is right but only in white. The reason why 15 isn't listed is because I don't feel like spending 110k+ for a stock car. Looking to buy real soon, I have funds available. Post in here what you...
  13. GT-R Ownership
    Hello! I am cad5359, a GT-R lover. This is my first post, and I was wondering this, if I bought a Jet Black GT-R Premium with the Amber Red seats, if I made a order, how long will it take to have it built and shipped to my local dealership? Also, I am on this forum also...
  14. Interior & Exterior
    Hey guys my name is David Pham I don't drive a GTR im young and maybe one day I will. But Im on this forum for some help. Im not hear to ask for money lol Im here because I want to get Status Seats, but they're expensive for me. The Company STATUS seats gave me an offer to earn a pair from them...
  15. Europe
    I'm looking for a wrecked / damaged GT-R, which has an undamaged engine and transmission. We prefer to get one inside the EU, but we are willing to ship it to the EU from anywhere ( including the US ) if the price is good. Please PM me if you have an offer like this or know about such an...
  16. Canada
    Shipping from Japan to Ontario. Use Fedex. Shipping about $400. Exhaust is $1000. Anyone knows how much I should pay for duty and tax!!!!!! Thanks!!!!!
  17. GT-R Ownership
    Been lurking and doing research on this forum for the past few months and am now finally ready to pull the trigger! As stated in the subject heading, I'm hell bent on a 2013 Black/Black Premium, but the pricing has to be MSRP or below. If I can get a great deal below MSRP on a BE model, I may...
1-17 of 17 Results