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  1. Brakes
    When I had my Camaro it was said that the Brembo caliper bolts were torque to yield. I did a search here and did not see anything referencing that. Does anyone know if the GTR’s caliper bolts are one time use and need replacement if removed?
  2. Brakes & Suspension
    For sale, front passenger caliper off a 2017. All bolts, pins, and clips shown are included. $600 OBO. PayPal, CashApp, or Venmo accepted. Buyer pays shipping. Located in Memphis, TN.
  3. Brakes
    Things are kinda slow around here so I though I would share a recent story. I rebuilt my front calipers with the OEM kit (part # D1120-JF20A). I was told my the nissan rep and others that it's one kit per caliper but that is not the case. Each kit services TWO calipers. The rebuild is not...
  4. Brakes & Suspension
    For Sale: 2015 OEM Front Brembo Calipers and brake lines Details: Used for 5000 miles. Just front calipers and front lines. No rotors, no pads Reason for Selling: Went with Brembo race upgrade Reason for Selling: Local pick up highly preferred. 91709. Buyer pays shipping Price: $1,800 picked...
  5. Brakes
    Hi i have a possibly stupid question... i was told that there is no possibility to order new seals for the brake calipers if you want them to be powdercoated... according to legal requirements my dealer refuses to install the old seals. i was also told that the caliper...
  6. Brakes & Suspension
    Hey guys im in need of just the passenger rear caliper if you have one to sell please hit me up or if you know anyone are anywhere to just buy 1 only besides getting raped at Nissan thanks in advance Mikey
  7. Brakes
    Hi guys, As we continue expanding our brake products & services exclusively for GTR, including the direct bolt on 6-piston front calipers on the work, and OE caliper rebuilding service. RB will be your one stop source for all your braking needs from rotor, pad, caliper to caliper rebuild. I...
  8. Brakes
    I have seen a lot of discussions here on pads (brands, compounds, heat, COF etc.) and rotors (one piece, two piece. iron, ccm etc) just like other car forums, but very few on calipers (from design, construction and performance standpoint) which is fairly normal but since GT-R is a heavy and...
  9. Brakes & Suspension
    Seller pm me. thread closed until things are cleared up. thanks
1-9 of 9 Results