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  1. Engine & Transmission
    SOLD! Used Front Engine Timing Covers, Cam Covers and Valve Covers. May be willing to separate. $1750 buyer covers shipping and paypal fees. Ships from Blaine, Washington State. Ship within North America only.
  2. Engine
    Has anyone put aftermarket cams on a FBO car? I'm considering getting the new GSC S2 cams while I'm still FBO. I'm in the process of picking up some SIR USM turbo's and hope they will work well with those, but I'm curious how they will work on stock turbo's. I know when I had my Evo IX, I was...
  3. Engine
    Hi, Which camshafts would you guy suggest as the largest acceptable for a street car? I have a 4.15 stroker 10:1 compression engine, so i guess it can be a little bit larger than for the stock type engines. I feel like high up i could use a bit more power and low down i don't need as much...
  4. Engine
    Does anyone have any feedback or experience running Tomei Pro Cams? I'm considering the 264 or 272 Pro Cam. I'm currently running an Alpha 9 on stock motor but I'm building the motor, going 1mm oversized ferra valves, springs, etc and likely upgrading to Alpha 10's. The car will be a summer...
  5. Engine
    I am just trying to troubleshoot for a friend..please can someone help me verify that aftermarket cams will affect MAP vacuum at idle? Before cams the vacuum at idle is -10 ish but now after installing JUN 264/264 cams the vacuum at idle is now -6 ish.. is this normal? Thanks guys
1-5 of 5 Results