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  1. GT-R Build Threads
    Finally pulled the trigger, after 6 years and 23K miles on my FBO setup. I've been waiting/saving up to build my shortblock/new turbos etc.. basically a safe reliable 800-900whp street car. While I was in the states, ran e85 for a while, then stayed with pump 93. I was pushing 661wtq on e85...
  2. Engine & Transmission
    SOLD : Set of Kelford Cams 231-C / 276 "springs are not included!" Details : Excellent condition. Reason for Selling : Going bigger. Price - SOLD Payment - Paypal - Gifted or 3% will be added to total. PM if you have a question.
  3. Part Out & Misc
    For sale: 1. VR38DETT Carillo Rod price: 1100$ never been used one of them has colour changed bit because stored as display item 2. AMS ALPHA JE PISTON price: 900$...
  4. Engine
    Has anyone put aftermarket cams on a FBO car? I'm considering getting the new GSC S2 cams while I'm still FBO. I'm in the process of picking up some SIR USM turbo's and hope they will work well with those, but I'm curious how they will work on stock turbo's. I know when I had my Evo IX, I was...
1-4 of 4 Results