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  1. R35 GT-R
    I currently run catless DPs, non resonated mid and stock rear and absolutely love the sound it makes, but not the smell... dont have e85 available where i live so i am trying to figure out the cheapest way to add a cat to my system without loosing a lot of sound. i am thinking about adding two...
  2. WTB
    WTB stock downpipes. Offering $500 for a pair. PayPal is method of payment and I'll cover PayPal fees. Can pay cash if I pick up locally. Located in Northern AZ. Can travel in AZ to pick up. Or can pay to have you ship. Contact via text or PM or email. paul4by4 AT mail DOT com 6 0 2 6 8...
  3. Engine
    Debating of going Catless downpipe with a catted midpipe or Catted downpipe and catless midpipe. Which one should have more power thats also quieter and least drone? Car is a daily driver and I don't want to choke people behind me or wake up the kids in the house. Thanks guys
  4. AccessTUNER
    My p800 is SD tuned & I can't get cat or o2 to go ready. I understand that previously with Cobb, these would never go ready with an SD tune... My question is does anyone know if this is still the case? My kit being one of the later Switzer p800s in which they did away with the MAFs so I'm...
  5. Exterior & Interior
    For Sale- Im selling my OEM airboxes with 2 K&N drop in filters. I went with a Gotboost Intake. 100.00 includes shipping to the lower 48. Ill ship to Canada for whatever it costs. 50.00 for just the pair of filters. Details - Im clearing out some things that I no longer need to keep...
  6. Exhaust
    Sold, moderator please delete.
1-6 of 6 Results