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  1. WTB
    WTB stock downpipes. Offering $500 for a pair. PayPal is method of payment and I'll cover PayPal fees. Can pay cash if I pick up locally. Located in Northern AZ. Can travel in AZ to pick up. Or can pay to have you ship. Contact via text or PM or email. paul4by4 AT mail DOT com 6 0 2 6 8...
  2. Exhaust
    SOLD For sale: DEI Titanium Heat Wrapped Cobb Catted Midpipe Details: DEI Titanium Heat Wrapped Cobb Catted Midpipe. 90 mm with custom bungs for secondary 02 sensors with extended 02 sponsors included for an emissions compliant set up. This is a great midpipe for those running FBO or...
  3. North East
    Hi all, I live in the Boston area and my inspection is due this January. Anyone have some good recommendations for places to get your state inspection and to pass the emissions test? I currently have stock downpipes, Hks midpipe and Hks legamax. I'm considering adding downpipes (later), but I...
  4. North East
    Hi all, I live in the Boston area and my inspec
  5. Engine
    I am thinking about completing my bolt-on upgrades soon with injectors, pumps, and flexfuel. The only thing I am on the fence about and am hoping for more info on are downpipes. I have read that others have had no problems passing emisisons with catless downpipes and a catted midpipe with 02...
  6. Engine
    I plan on having at least one cat on this car to prevent the soot problems I had in my ISF. I know E85 can help with smell but it is still not very widely available here in AZ. So my questions being: Is there any "better" spot to have the cats? For example would having catted DP's and a...
1-6 of 6 Results