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  1. Pre-Owned GT-R Listings
    New custom carbon fiber center console, beautifully finished with an ultra gloss with a perfect 2x2 twill weave. From Indiana. Detailed pics coming this afternoon. No longer have vehicle, selling for less than paid for. Unfortunately, my loss your gain on this one. $900 + swap
  2. R35 GT-R
    I just got a new transmission installed by the dealer under warranty. When I go home I noticed the center console was terribly out of whack and misaligned. Considering where the transmission is this makes no sense at all. Is there any way the installation of the transmission could cause this...
  3. Interior & Exterior
    A common problem faced by many owners is the scratches on the center console. After removal, you can either wrap the console, plasti-dip or as I did paint it. I tried both black and silver carbon fiber wrap and was not a fan of it. To each their own. I painted mine a year ago and has gone...
  4. Exterior & Interior
    Hey guys, we have this whole compilation of OEM Interior Parts for your GT-R. We are selling these parts 25% off list price. All these items already have the 25% deducted from their total price. Simply click on "Add to Cart" to be directly linked to our website so that you can place your...
1-4 of 4 Results