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  1. Drag
    At the Street Car Drags event this past weekend I had a chance to run a C7 Z06 with a tune, CIA & drag radials. I trapped 132.4mph with just my own tune and an AAM resonated midpipe. The rest of the car is stock down to the paper filters. What's the point of putting downpipes on these cars...
  2. Drag
    So I raced a P90D! This was at the Street Car Drags event this past weekend. FikseGTS asked if I would remove my tune so we could race his new P90D. I uninstalled the Accessport but I did still have my AAM midpipe on the car. We both cut almost perfect lights. I wasn't going to let the Tesla...
  3. The Lounge
    Here's a story I really enjoyed and thought I'd share. There's a you tube video that I'll post later on.
  4. Drag
    The secret to low 60 foot times on street tires with a tune only or a tune and midpipe 09-11 GT-R. You have to use launch control to dip into the 10's. I have personally hit 10's with a 1.78 60 foot on my car. To get into the 10.7 - 10.8's you will need a very low 1.7 or high 1.6. You will...
1-4 of 4 Results