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  1. The Lounge
    Hi guys, I have attended the USGP at Circuit of the Americas every year since the tracked opened and look forward to this annual event. I am a PSL seat holder meaning I have permanent seats at the track. This year, due to injury and needing to have surgery next week, I will not be attending the...
  2. Texas & South Central
    Please let me know if you will attend. What: Karting When: 12:00 noon Sunday 20 September 2015 - Drivers meeting takes ~20 minutes, track goes hot at 12:30PM Where: Driveway Austin, 8400 Delwau Ln, Austin TX 78725 http://www.drivewaya...ts/rental-karts - Driveway Austin...
  3. Track
    FWIW - Attached below are my (ever evolving) track notes from COTA. I'm lucky to have many hours of hot laps there, including full-track walks & cone placement, and have been instructing there for a couple of years now. There are links to a few good hot lap videos at the end. Questions &...
  4. Track
    Details here: Edit: (this organization is not associated with The Drivers Edge) Let me know if you're coming down for this & I'll get you my track notes.
  5. Track
    Roll-out video teaser - turn up the sound :) One of my favorite photos: From COTA MVP Feb 2014 Picasa album with lots of great photos - make sure you view it in full screen mode :) COTA MVP Feb 2014
  6. GT-R Media
    I thought I'd share these pics from a while back. Best track I've been on by far. The surface is so smooth I had to put my JRZ suspension settings on full stiff! You don't need a FB account to view these...
  7. R35 GT-R
    Attending MVP Track Time's COTA event this weekend. Put up a video for the guy driving the Vette(and his friends). Thought I'd share with you guys. The video will be ready at 9:30pm CST
  8. Track
    Forty-two already posted some video from this event with a good write up. http://www.gtrlife.c...__fromsearch__1 Here is some video from my last (4th) 25 min. session (I was only there for one day) starting right behind a GT3 (with a car # 333). The track is fabulous. The Trackmaster App on...
1-8 of 8 Results