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  1. Antigravity Batteries
    Hello all, Got an older Nissan or some other classic ride? We have the right lightweight battery for your show car, garage queen, track monster, and daily driver. Just contact us with some info on your ride and intended use, and we'll recommend the best options. Please email any questions to...
  2. GT-R Media
    My GTR Alpha 7 & 1968 Camaro SSWhich one is more badass?GTR1785.00%Camaro315.00%
  3. R35 GT-R
    Hi everyone, I love the R35 GT-R, and I was thinking about the potential that this car might hold as a future classic car that goes up in value. What do you think? Any specific models or years that we feel will go up more? What about the NISMO model? Do you feel that a NISMO with an N-Attack...
  4. Other Vehicles
    I'm considering selling my '68 Camaro, since I've moved to NYC and no longer drive as much as I used to back in Boston, especially having a current daily car. This is a 1968 Camaro SS Restomod that I purchased from a dealer back in January 2016. The previous owner restored the engine (350ci)...
  5. Other Vehicles
    Joe up at HotRod Dynamics contacted me a couple weeks ago about shooting his Restomod '67 Camaro and after taking a peek at the build album on their website, I was chomping at the bit to see this beast in person! The car is an original '67 body that has had pretty much everything else replaced...
  6. GT-R Ownership
    Currently I live in Tokyo, and am considering moving back to the US. However, my friend has a Japanese car auction license and has access to classic GTRs here in Japan. So, we discussed importing classic GTRs into the US as a business. I have a ton of questions, but will first ask if only R32s...
1-6 of 6 Results