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  1. Interior & Exterior
    So I managed to come across a set of reasonably priced Recardo Sporster Nismo seats from a Nissan Juke. I've been scouring this forum and others on the internet to see what people have done to get these to fit properly, but there doesn't seem to be a lot of consistent information and most...
  2. Exterior & Interior
    We have a complied a kit for the 2017 OEM retrofit conversion for $14627.28, but we are offering an extra 5% off, so your cost on the kit will be $14042.18. We are also offering the 2015 headlamps and the 2017 headlamps (which have a darker housing) at $2700.00 for the set. 2015 tail lamps are...
  3. GT-R Media
    Having some fun between friends, first 12c in the world with a full 650s front conversion, looks unreal in person, other than that 100% stock. My GT-R has SiR USM turbos @ 18psi / E85 on stock motor. Enjoy!
  4. Electronics & A/V Systems
    Hi guys, I have a 2009 R35 GTR (USDM), it comes already with m/h speedometer, I am currently living in Kuwait and here they use km/h speedometers, its very confused to convert the speed while driving, and I am not used to it. I would like to know, from experienced people here..., is it...
  5. Exterior & Interior
    I am selling my 2012+ DBA conversion bumper for $2000. Paint pearl white. Front Bumper retails for $1175.00 R35 GT-R 2012 Lamp Assembly - LED DRL (Right) 26600-KB50A $498 R35 GT-R 2012 Lamp Assembly - LED DRL (Left)...
  6. Exterior & Interior
    For Sale - Brand new DBA Front Lip/chin/splitter Details - Brand new DBA Front Lip/chin/splitter Fits 2012+ GTR, or you are able to fit if you are doing a CBA-DBA conversion. Retail sells for approximately $1200. All wrapped and ready to ship, as you can see from the pictures original packaging...
1-6 of 7 Results