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cor wheels
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  1. Wheels
    Just sharing some photo's and I wanted to express how much I enjoyed working with Adrey at Specialized Performance. There's been some hiccups here and there but my experience has been positive overall. I would gladly purchase from Adrey at Specialized Performance and Chris from COR Wheels in the...
  2. Wheels
    Hi Everyone Acute Performance is a proud distributor of COR wheels. I'm sure at this point you need no introduction to this company. I personally run COR on my own GTR and have no trouble recommending it to others. COR offers the following configurations: - Standard 3-Piece w/ Race Pockets -...
  3. Wheels
    Waiting for the full photoshoot but here's a sneak peek at the new Cor Nove. 20" COR Nove Step Lip w/ Follow Over Centers: Brushed Titanium Clear Lip: Polished Michael Owner Acute Performance
  4. Other Vehicles
    You might remember this E63 AMG from a previous visit where we worked on lowering the car. This time installation on a set of COR Forged Wheels was on the to-do list. COR Forged Cipher's were the style of choice completed in a Titanium finish with carbon fiber lips. 20×8 front//20×11 rears...
  5. Wheels
    Hi guys, Need help with size of lug nuts to use with my new wheels. I just got Cor Cipher deep concave wheels fitted with Toyo R888's. Fitment is as follows: Wheels: 20x10 (front) 20x11 (rear) Tires : 285/35/20 (front) 315/30/20 (rear) I have been told to use M12x1.5 and am considering the...
  6. Wheels
    One of our good customers wanted to do a set of COR wheels that has not been done before. He came up with the setup you see below: COR Forged 3-Piece Wheel Model: Cipher Size: 21x10.5 Front | 21x12 Rear Finish: Matte Black Center / Black Carbon Fiber Lip 2x2 Pirelli PZero Nero 295/25 21...
1-6 of 7 Results