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  1. Detailing & Cleaning
    This Mercedes had a lot of swirl marks, holograms and random deep scratches. You can see holograms coming off of the driver side headlight here. Pretty rough shape... Some interior shots... Engine... Some closer shots after the wash. Then went over the car with a...
  2. Detailing & Cleaning
    Does anyone know of any detailers who do full corrections in Lafayette, all the places I talked to only did a polish, wash, wax and seal. I just washed my 2013 black gtr for the first time and it was properly depressing seeing the paint imperfections. Also, would a full correction remedy orange...
  3. Detailing & Cleaning
    Hey guys wanted to throw this recent detail I did, I have had many questions from alot guys on here on how to take car of their GT-R's and helped a good amount of people out. I figured this car would be a good jumping off point as well to answer questions for people with all the problems I ran...
1-3 of 3 Results