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  1. Engine & Transmission
    SOLD! Used Front Engine Timing Covers, Cam Covers and Valve Covers. May be willing to separate. $1750 buyer covers shipping and paypal fees. Ships from Blaine, Washington State. Ship within North America only.
  2. Interior & Exterior
    Hey guys, I wanted to introduce my new project & product, the Stealth Plate. 2 partners and I started our small business group (510 AutoGroup) beginning of April focusing on selling automotive related accessories, apparel and decors. *Please read before you say illegal. Lately, we've been...
  3. WTB
    Looking for CBA carbon fiber grill replacement. Considering covers as well, so let me know what you've got!
  4. WTB
    I am looking for a new OEM Nissan GTR Silver car cover. If you have the bag that the it came originally with, even better. No need for the lock since I will get it at the dealership. I dont want black cover since due to having to see the dust (Yes,OCD kicked in). Please provide pictures and...
  5. WTB
    Bought one, DELETE PLEASE
  6. Exterior & Interior
    For Sale- Im selling my OEM airboxes with 2 K&N drop in filters. I went with a Gotboost Intake. 100.00 includes shipping to the lower 48. Ill ship to Canada for whatever it costs. 50.00 for just the pair of filters. Details - Im clearing out some things that I no longer need to keep...
  7. Basement Bin
    Why oh why Nissan you didn't do this from factory? I really like the look and feel of it.
  8. Part Out & Misc
    For sale is used, but in very good condition NOAH - Block-It - Custom GT-R Outside Cover. Paid $280 less than 6 months ago for new and asking $150 obo now. Fits GT-R perfectly. Cover is very clean and has some spots where it touched wheels. Selling my car now, so decided to sell this item...
  9. Exterior & Interior
    SOLD Hello! Up for sale is a brand new OEM Car cover. Never used it since i kept it in the garage. Thanks for looking! text or call: 323-680-3437 -Mario
  10. Interior & Exterior
    We get about 5% off from Japan Nissan for the Genuine Car Cover for the GTR R35 As you can see its way too expensive and I think anyone would have to be mad to buy it that price lol. So I am thinking you people may sell them cheaper in the US. I am...
  11. Exterior & Interior
    For sale is a new Arios Carbon Fiber Exterior Nose Cover, for $574: This part is new and is being sold for 30% off, so I will not change the price. However, if you have any questions, please contact me...
  12. Engine
    Like the title says, is your intake manifold cover Custom, OEM, On, Off? Lets see it! Here is what I'm working on, i have two manifold covers so on one I'm having a little fun. Heres my photoshop prototype.
  13. WTB
    As title states I am looking for a car cover for my GTR. Feel free to PM me. Thank you.
  14. Middle East
    Hello everyone, not a very usual poster here but I thought it's the best place to ask. As you may know, the climate is becoming worse by the day. I'm in need to look for a GTR Car Cover, preferably something ready made with the right sizes to suit my car. I also heard there are shops that...
  15. R35 GT-R
    Hey everyone, this is a bit off topic because winter is over, BUT, I recently ordered a 2013 blue gt-r with the hopes of driving it in the winter (next year obviously). My last car, a black bmw looked horrible after the first winter i got it. scratches everywhere from rocks and dirt etc...i know...
  16. Interior & Exterior
    Hey everyone... I just purchased the Mines Carbon Fiber Engine Cover and am in love with it... Now, I know Mines makes a radiator shroud cover, but that is all they make for under the hood. I am interested in getting the compartment covers as well. My question is, I know JDM makes the...
1-17 of 17 Results