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  1. Texas & South Central
    Just moved here from out of state, looking for any shop one would recommend to bring a GT-R to for a change of tires. Was considering just going to discount tire but I would prefer to support an independent shop especially if they’re more experienced with this car. Thanks!
  2. Suspension & Tires
    Got a code on a newly purchased GT-R recently: “Front/Rear Tire Size Malfunction”, with the AWD light flashing. Turned off upon car restart. I drove it about 300 miles before the light came on. Running NTO5’s 275/35zr20 Front 315/35zr20 Rear, which upon research I found out is a big no-no for...
  3. Texas & South Central
    Everyone, We are hosting an event to go with Skyline Nationals this year at Pole Position in Frsico, Friday Oct. 13th. We have around 70 Skylines registered and will be gathering with all the R's Friday night. Please come on by and hang out and meet some new enthusiast!
  4. Newbie Intro
    Just bought an all black 2010. New to the site as well. Anyone from the North Fort Worth area here? Could use tips and advice from other owners.
  5. Texas & South Central
    Quick Poll... We are looking to put together a annual car show focusing on the GT-R and the Z's here at Courtesy Nissan. Who would be interested in this and what time of year would be ideal? We've been wanting to put together a GT-R meet since it seems there is nothing like it other than TX2K...
  6. R35 GT-R
    Hello Everyone! My name is Billy; my colleague Austin and I work for Courtesy Nissan and here in Richardson, TX. We are new to the forum and and were a little taken back by some of the negative comments we have read about our company. Austin has since started contacting those...
  7. Texas & South Central
    I drive the Tollway everyday. It has become an epidemic on every road around Dallas that there is one car on the left lane going slow and causing tie-ups for miles. I have come across people slamming their brakes as you approach them, people refusing to move, people with big lifted diesel...
  8. R35 GT-R
    Hey everyone, I'm in a Summer Fest Show this Saturday at the AAC in Dallas and they allow online voting. I was trying to see if I could get some votes from my fellow GTR owners I really don't want to lose to a Stance car, I'll never hear the end of it Please CLICK the LINK, find the Blue GTR...
  9. The Lounge
    Hello everyone, my name is James. I am a local to Fort Worth, Texas and I also do photography in my spare time. I'd like to see if there is anybody who is local to me who might be interested in photoshoots or anything of that nature. I'm also a huge GT-R fan, but don't currently own one but...
  10. GT-R Media
    First run wasn't clean as I forgot to down shift to begin the race. Second and third runs are clean. Lambo is stock. I am full bolt ons @ 20psi, pump gas. Passanger in car with me, and about 200 pounds of stuff in trunk. We exchanged numbers and will get some real videos of the action again...
  11. R35 GT-R
    I'm picking up my new GTR this weekend in Denver and driving it back to Dallas. Given my first service trip won't be that long afterwards, it raises the question where I should take it. Which nissan dealership have people had the most success with servicing their GTRs in Dallas?
  12. Texas & South Central
    First Monthly Meet & Cannonball This is a meet that will take place once a month in the north dallas area followed by a spirited drive through the DFW metroplex. Open to all makes & models Come watch the Dallas Cowboys take on the San Diego Chargers Saturday Night @ The Londoner Pub then hit...
  13. Texas & South Central
    Hello. Aron here. YES, Supra owner. NO, not a GT-R owner yet. Too much going on :D I'm moving to Dallas at the end of July. My Supra is staying at my home in Missouri (covered). I'd like to connect with some Dallas members. Let me know if you are in the DFW area. My girlfriend and I will...
1-13 of 13 Results