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  1. AccessTUNER
    A year ago, Jan 2019, I had the exact same issue (tunes have expiry dates LOL??). Here to ask what you guys think about this. My tuner is informed. (I'm on Full bolt ons, Gas is 95RON) Long story short: Tuner believes problem isn't in the tune, because the car is pulling timing more, even...
  2. AccessTUNER
    Hello everyone, would like to seek some guidance on how to fine tune my 2015 GTR ( 2.75" AAM intakes, 3.5" SBD dp, 3.5" SBD midpipe rest is stock) on a 93 OCT. Been looking online and found few guides/ helpful resources, hoping to get some expert advice. I started from Stage 2 OTS Map. Attached...
  3. AccessTUNER
    Hi All! Can someone help me read my datalog? I have no idea how to read it. The car feels like it runs good, I just want to make sure. I bought it with it dyno tuned on this map. Cobb Up-pipes and Downpipes Cobb 3" intake, Injector Dynamics 1000cc Injectors Dual Denso 265 fuel pumps AAM...
  4. AccessTUNER
    Just trying to see how I am running with this OTS map! 2014 GTR Mods - SBD Downpipes SBD 3" Intakes Got Boost Intercooler Pipping with Tial QR Bov HKS non-resonated Midpipe HKS Legamax Cobb ID-1000 Dw76c Fuel Pumps
  5. AccessTUNER
    I had issues with my previous Protune on a mustang dyno. After posting my datalogs many approached and gave me the same feedback about my fuel trims, a/f being way off. I recently had a re-tune done on a dynojet by Rob from Kaizen Tuning. He did an amazing job, the car feels smooth, and I feel...
  6. AccessTUNER
    Hi all. I compared other members' datalogs vs mine, and was wondering if any expert could help me read and see if everything is alright and safe? I've done a conservative custom tune on a mustang dyno. My A/F Corr % B1 and B2 numbers are not the same, i know there is a margin difference but are...
  7. AccessTUNER
    *Updated-uploaded better data logging Data logging with Cobb AccessPORT V3. Unfortunately, I don't know how to read the datalogs and to see if the tune and other readings are safe etc..I would appreciate feedback on datalog. Thank You Conservative tune on Mustang 568hp/582tq -Alpha catless dp...
  8. EcuTek
    Hi, Did some data logging today, car is running 580bhp, 540 torque at the flywheel, mods are a Non Res Y-Pipe and a Remap. Did 3rd gear pull but TC cut in a little bit. Also got a little bit of Knock? Do these logs look ok? Many Thanks
  9. AccessTUNER
    Alright, so one of the first Mods i did was purchase a Cobb AP 006 so i could update to LC5 and load a stage 1 OTS map (91OCT since that all i have access to). The only other mod currently is Cobb 3" intakes (so i have the Stage1 bigSF map uploaded). I have been reading up and wanted to check...
  10. Engine
    Hi everyone, Whats the best tool to view my Cobb AP logs with a mac?
  11. Engine
    **************************** New version fixes small bug **************************** Hi all, I couldn't sleep last night, so I made a small program that adds IDC % (based on the formula from Cobb tuning) to your AccessPORT datalog file. You can also have a quick glance at some of the...
1-11 of 11 Results