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  1. GT-R Ownership
    Hi experts, I'm looking to get a GTR soon but torn between the decision of getting a 2008-2010 CBA VS 2011-2013 DBA. Currently residing in MALAYSIA, so the price for CBA is 60,000 USD++ (after conversion). Whereas the price for DBA is around 85000 USD++ Budget is around After doing lots of...
  2. Engine
    I am currently running a stock 2013 gtr. And been pumping 93 gas. Would like to know the best approach towards going e85? What all do I need to get this right.. NOTE***running stock intakes.. ETS down pipes along with Akrapovic Titanium midpipe and exhaust system. Also got the the ecutek...
  3. R35 GT-R
    I was wondering if its safe to do just front brake job done and wait to do rear ones Reason being.. I only have the rear pads in hand and rear rotors are backordered on the website I got my other parts from But my front rotor have cracks all around the oem drilled holes.. Would it be okay to...
  4. Brakes
    Hi folks! Wondering what's the best set up in terms of swapping the OEM (GARBAGE) out. After talking to few techs, DBA set up with Hawks HPS is the most recommended. I was also looking at the set up by SBD for full brake kit (cheaper than dba) What do y'all suggest? Btw car will not be...
  5. Brakes
    Just picked up a set of DBA Replacement rotors for my GT-R (DBA52370.1S). They did not come with replacement hardware (nuts), contacted the seller and he stated they do not come with them anymore. Has anyone had the same experience?? Can the old nuts be reused? Anyone know were I can source...
  6. WTB
    Hi GTRLife! I'm Interested in purchasing a DBA (2012-2016) Carbon Fiber Rear Valance. Seen a few GT-Rs for sale with them but sellers are dealerships with no idea to where it came from. Tried searching but cannot seem to find a US dealer that has them. Online stores are mostly Chinese knockoffs...
  7. WTB
    bought a set, please close
  8. Wheels & Tires
    For Sale- Used set of DBA stock wheels and Michelin Pilot Sport A/S3+ tires Details: Gunmetal wheels from a 2013 GTR. 20x9.5 front and 20x10.5 rear. Some minor scuffs, two wheels have a small amount of curb rash on the lip. Tires are Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3+ size 285/35/ ZR20. They have...
  9. Canada
    Hello everyone I'm excited to enter the GT-R world officially after dreaming and working hard for years! Proud owner of a 2013 Black Edition with just about 40k km's What this thread is all about: I wanted to get *updated* opinions of people, on where to go to get stuff done to the godzilla...
  10. Exterior & Interior
    Up for sale is a pair of custom OEM Headlights from a 2015. The housing has been opened and the interior chrome pieces have been painted black, with some gold bits. The Headlights/Lighting Bolts work great. A LED Strip was installed along side of the lighting bolts that flash yellow when the...
  11. Pre-Owned GT-R Listings
    SOLD *****QUICK NOTES***** 2012 GTR Premium - Solid Red Price $57,500 Miles 22,7xx VIN: JN1AR5EF5CM250158 Springfield, MO Cobb v3 AAM Resonated Mid Pipe Otherwise Stock (Will proved the stock midpipe at sale of car) Private Sale Third Owner Has lien with B of A but I also have title in hand...
  12. Exterior & Interior
    Selling my used gloss CF Seibon GT hood. In great shape, been on the car for about 5k miles. Prefer local sale as I don't want to risk damage in shipping. Can meet as well part way for gas money. Will add pic with user info when I get home. I accept paypal/ cash (fees extra)
  13. Part Out & Misc
    Updated 4-8-2019 Nissan GTR Part out Up for sale is a couple of items that I had intended on installing on my GTR but plans have changed. Parts are New or Slightly used. Reason for sale: Part out - (Used) AMS Down Pipes (Installed for 10k miles) Was Heat wrapped, now removed- $900 $850...
  14. WTB
    PM for fastest response Email: wjnewman17 @ Shipping/Location: Houston, TX What I'm looking for, how much I'll pay: DBA oil cooler duct (~$100 shipped) DBA lower mesh grill (~$150 shipped)
  15. Interior & Exterior
    2014 Black Edition - stock ride height Splitter: Rexpeed K-Style (inc. Air duct option) Skirts: Rexpeed Carbon fiber Zele Style Diffuser: Difflow fins (1" shaved off) Splitter & Skirts Diffuser
  16. Exterior & Interior
    For Sale - Miscellaneous interior of 2015 GT-R Black Edition Details - Items are from Good - Excellent condition. One owner car with <15,000 miles (removed interior at 12,000) Reason for Selling - Gutted the interior for weight savings and to install full cage Shipping - Local pick up ONLY -...
  17. AccessTUNER
    Hello everyone, would like to seek some guidance on how to fine tune my 2015 GTR ( 2.75" AAM intakes, 3.5" SBD dp, 3.5" SBD midpipe rest is stock) on a 93 OCT. Been looking online and found few guides/ helpful resources, hoping to get some expert advice. I started from Stage 2 OTS Map. Attached...
  18. R35 GT-R
    Need some help!!! As the title says I am torn between a CBA or DBA...main use will be For weekend. No intentions of doing heavy modifications and wife will be driving periodically as well. I have test driven a CBA but need to go test a DBA but none around my area that fit what I am looking for...
  19. WTB
    Please delete
  20. Exhaust
1-20 of 103 Results